Wednesday 21 December 2011
It has been freezing lately. I had to remind myself to stop moaning about it because the weather has been relatively mild in southern England compared to the other parts of the country. The same time last year, we were already knee deep in snow. Regardless I've been piling on the layers (and weight for extra insulation!). To avoid looking like the Michelin man, I've been keeping the layers relatively thin. I don't particularly enjoy feeling the duck that's currently roasting in my oven. Um...that's a rather bad analogy but you get my drift.


This is my indispensable Icebreaker vest that keeps me toasty and warm

Followed by a thin merino wool jumper. In this case, it's my new Zadig et Voltaire striped Madori sweater.

I love a structured jacket which makes me look and feel smart. This one's by Rag & Bone. I've paired it with my James Jeans skinny pants.


The accessories are just as important to keeping myself dry and warm. Here's my Hermes Kelly en Caleche which is fast becoming a favorite and well worn over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots.

Last but not least, the thick Gloverall coat to finish off the look


  1. I'm taking layering lessons from you! I'm not very good at it, and your results always rock! Love this scarf.
    Happy Holidays! xoxo, Lily @

  2. Layering is the only way to get through this damp cold. I don't do it as stylish as you, but the approach is similar: tank, shirt, leather vest with hood, leather jacket, and scarf--all topped off with a wool coat, gloves, and bigger scarf.

    With that, I'm almost warm. Almost.

    PS: My internet connection is bad, and gmail is the worst. Thus my lack of response. I'm leaving right before you arrive--how wretched is that! Please think of me when you're at the sales finding incredible bargains!

  3. Your layers are so nice. Mine are the kind that make you hang your head in shame and I do anything to keep them all covered up. Layers especially the underneath ones are so important but yet I neglect them the most. Thanks for the post. You've inspired me to do something about my old rag layers. xx

  4. Lily, your compliment made my chest puff out and have me walking around on cloud 9 the entire morning. This is also a reminder to myself to dress better despite the crappy weather.

    AA, drats! I'll miss you by a day??! Any chance of staying on for the sale?

    Mandi, I would have to disagree. I ABSOLUTELY love the way you dress! It doesn't matter if you're wearing your IM or Superdry clothes, you always look so well put together.

  5. All hail the uniform! I do this too and it's not even that cold here! :P

  6. laura, if we ever get the chance to check out each other's wardrobe, it would resemble our own. Right down to the size!

  7. Loving the layers and that blazer :)

  8. There is definitely no bulky michelin man look going on here.... Just wait till you see me in Chicago full winter attire...ugh

  9. It would be rather pathetic for me to compare your weather to mine in Los Angeles but it has been rather cold here (some of us Californian's have weak dispositions :) I love layering, its easier to take off pieces rather than one bulky item.

  10. I really like what you put together. Every piece is lovely and to have them all together is a wonderful combo with a subtle pop of color from an H scarf. I am still learning an art of layering.

  11. katattack, thank you! Glad you like the outfit.

    Katrina, I used to moan about the weather in Auckland until I got to the UK :P My winter coat from home was useless here but I shouldn't complain. This winter has been so mild.

    Nelah, thank you for such a sweet comment. I wear so much neutral colors that bright colored scarves are a must in my wardrobe else I look like a walking grey/black

  12. Now THAT is beautiful layering! I love that jacket M! It's gorgeous! :)

  13. Bessie, *fingers crossed* no snow yet so my Michelin man outfit is put on the backburner for now. Eeks, I've heard that the Chicago winter can be really harsh.

    Kim, you're a sweetheart. I'm still so proud of myself for nabbing an incredible bargain for that jacket.

  14. now that is some SERIOUSLY impressive layering haha!! it just snowed here recently.. so i'm starting to get into layering too because it's SOO freezing outside but everywhere in germany they turn the heater WAY WAY up inside so i'm like sweating everytime i walk into a restaurant/mall/store but FREEZING when i walk outside. i LOVE your groverall coat!! it's so gorgeous!

  15. Lisa, it's the same here. It's crazy hot in the subway, shops etc but cold outside. I suppose it's a very European thing. Thanks! The Gloverall is my lifesaver. I was so not prepared for the winters here.



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