Turning on the Lights

Monday 21 November 2011
Christmas is a HUGE event here. On the first week of November, the council guys start putting up the Christmas lights and trees all around the city centre. It has been 3.5 years since we arrived in the UK but each time when Christmas comes around, we feel like we've stepped into a magic winter wonderland.

xmas lights


Last Thursday was the official "turning on the Christmas light" event where thousands converge on High St for the countdown. There was a band whose singer announced that they made it through "the house" on X Factor. Judging by the screaming teeny bopper girls, they must be a) cute and b) pretty good singers.

xmas band


There was a Santa flouncing around with a winged Panda. The candy floss machine whirled non stop. I'm sure the balloon man made a fortune with the number of kids begging their parents for one. I've been told that there's a lantern procession to mark the first day of the Christmas market complete with an ice skating rink! I can't wait!

xmas candy floss

xmas santa


  1. Looked like a fab evening! I love when all the Christmas lights are turned on in town:)

  2. I remember it being huge the year I studied abroad in Scotland- all the lights are so pretty!

  3. My fave holiday! I love all the lights and excitement. What a great event!

  4. Marlene, send me one of those Santa balloons! HAHAHAHA That's the first thing I noticed. LOL Me want! Me want! HAHAHAHA Awesome pics my friend, you truly captured the moments. I love this time of year. We're trying to get through Thanksgiving this week. Have a wonderful evening! You're probably asleep right now (the time difference). LOL

  5. Anne & Thu, it's a pretty magical time of the year.

    Skippysays, it's so different from NZ where there are practically no Christmas lights nor carols. So bizarre.

    Kaleido Mind, thank you! Much appreciated.

    Kim, you're just as bad as Lil L and her friends!!! *smack*

  6. The decorations look beautiful! I bet little L loves it!



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