Thursday 3 November 2011
Parenting 101: If all fails, resort to bribery. You've cajoled, begged, screamed till the windows rattled, threatened them with the naughty corner and gave them the evil eye but nothing worked. So you dig deep into your memory bank to find out what motivates these creatures, otherwise known as your children. You know those moms who tell you that their kids are soooo well behaved and had slept through the night by the time they were 2 months old? They LIED! How do I know this? Because babies are selfish and self centered. They scream when they're hungry. They scream when they're tired. Hell, they just scream all the time. Now, if you have one of those kids that has never ever done any of the above and you want to experience a little pain, please contact me so we can swap kids.

Lil L has the unfortunate habit of sleeping with the music on. ALL night. She picked up the habit from me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm to blame but annnnnyway. We tried using my iPhone for a while but since I have my entire life in that phone, I'm forever in and out of her room to check on it. To top it all, she was starting to pick up the habit of waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking into our bedroom like a thief hoping she would go unnoticed.

Since hubby has an iPod lying around unused, we decided to get a speaker for it? Lil L and I made an agreement. To get an iPanda, she would have to prove that she was able to sleep through the night for 7 nights. She got into action and made a chart. It's amazing how well one does with a little reward. The problem disappeared the very next night. And the night after that. And the night after that too. I think I've been scammed by a 5 year old.


This little cutie pie has incredible sound quality. In fact, it's just as good as hubby's expensive B & W Zeppelin speakers. To increase or decrease the volume, lightly touch its ears. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Our kids come from the same stock. Yup - every word of this was like a page out of my day!!! The panda is adorable!!

  2. That ipanda is cute!! (Confession: I bought a panda and cat iphone case! I love silly things like that!)

    LOL@ being scammed by Lil L! She's a clever one! :o)

  3. HAHAHA That is SO CUTE!!! The things you MUST do, to have some peace. HAHAHA I'm still laughing at the kid swap comment above. HAHAHAHA Girl, you are too funny! LOVE IT! Wishing you a great day and you-shall-get-some-sleep-now-nights! HAHAHA

  4. Hi, any parent who says that they've never had to bribe their kids are liars. Just tonight I bribed my son with a youtube video (mario Kart- just in case you were wondering) if he stopped screaming after I washed his hair. At least you get to bribe with cute things. That panda is way too adorable :)

  5. that is an adorable speaker!

    i have to confess daughter was an angel when she was a baby -- at 2 months, she was waking up once in the night to feed, but then will only wake up for the day about 9-ish? that was heaven.

    now? hah...welcome to temper tantrums and huffiness. she will actually cross her arms, turn her nose up and walk away in a huff. Beautiful.



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