Tuesday 8 November 2011
My friend, a fellow emigrant was aghast when I inquired about the Bonfire Night signboard posted all around town. I probably have my head buried in the sand like an ostrich and am completely oblivious to any major celebrations here in the UK. I've never been one to celebrate occasions. In fact, when I was living in Auckland, a colleague of mine who incidentally is English used to remind me whenever Chinese New Year was round the corner. I've even managed to accomplish the incredible feat of forgetting my own birthday a few times.

The school kids have been practicing their Bonfire song for weeks. Which means all the moms have been listening to that darn song sung repeatedly throughout the day that none of us can get the horrible tune out of our heads. The 5 year olds could recite the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes' role in the attempted assassination of King James the First. I felt decidedly British after my first Bonfire Night :P

The fanfare began at 7.30pm with the mayor and brass band leading the procession followed by numerous TV crews and the rest of us. Here he is being interviewed by a reporter.

bonfire parade

bonfire torch

I hadn't realize that we were supposed to get a torch.

bonfire firemen
I suppose the firemen are there to ensure no one accidentally torches the buildings.

bonfire inferno
And whooooosh! The Mayor got the ball rolling by starting the bonfire.

bonfire works

An incredible fireworks display. They burnt £8K worth of fireworks in 15 minutes.


  1. Wow - the fireworks look amazing. We missed seeing the fireworks this July 4th because I was busy studying ;(

  2. That sounds like a hell of a good time!

    [And if your clients inquire and they're holding croc, I can field all requests. :) ]

  3. Girl, you are tooo funny! HAHAHAHAH I suppose we were suppose to bring a torch! HAHAHAHAHA You keep me in stiches and so does my dentist (i'll explain later!) LOL at the Fire Department hanging on the side. I would love to go to one of these but they are SO FAR OUT it's crazy! Thanks for sharing that. Beautiful! I know sooo much money and the excitement is over in a few minutes. Crazy!!!

  4. Love it, it's so hard to find a good bonfire around here now, it's mostly safe firework displays and that's no fun at all.

  5. I always love fireworks although I will say that I don't always catch them for our Fourth of July celebration in the US! I am surprised by how many people recognized the burberry skirt but later told me they couldn't find it!

  6. Hey! Check out my post for today. I just gave you a couple of blog awards. Have a good one! :D

  7. That firework display looked amazing! Love your blog! Now following:)



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