Rocker Chic

Monday 3 October 2011
Now that I've got the boots, I'm going to create a few looks. *grin* Did you like the cheesy rhyme? Hahaha....I was rather proud of myself. *Ahem* Sorry. Right, where were we? I'm loving the 2 inch heels. I was a midget without these but when I got my boots on, I'd strut down the street (well, in my mind anyway) feeling like a super duper tall rocker punk mama. I've rifled through my cupboard and pulled out a couple of old favorites which I'm going to mix with new purchases to create a 4 looks for autumn (or fall for those who live in the States).

By the way, I was sweating profusely while putting these look together. For the past week, the weather has reverted back to the sweltering heat that's common in summer. I'm truly mystified by the English weather. It swings like a pendulum from one extreme to the other. I'm not complaining because I'm darn sure that the cold snap will sweep through the country very soon so I might as well enjoy wearing shorts and sandals while I can.

Outfit: Isabel Marant Lexy Bordeaux jacket, Uniqlo t-shirt, Hermes belt, Uniqlo jeans, Ankle boots

Outfit: Zadig & Voltaire Shirt, Zara Girls faux fur gilet, Zara leopard print belt, Hermes belt, Uniqlo jeans, Ankle boots

Outfit: Zadig & Voltaire Sweater dress, Zara Girls faux fur gilet, Zara leopard print belt, Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet, Ankle boots



  1. 1st and 2nd outfit are my favorites !!!

  2. That Isabel Marant jacket is fabulous! I am really loving that deep rich bordeaux color. How perfect for the fall season. :)

  3. Each of these looks is equally perfect. You have me looking at fur (fake or real) with new eyes--plus have started an obsession over these impossible-to-get booties. :0

  4. How gorgeous are these looks! Perfection, too bad about the heat and you can't wear them yet.

  5. Wow, you have a great eye for putting looks together. Absolutely all these options look incredible. The first option is right up my alley - I even wear similar looks often.

  6. Ginger, I'm glad you like the outfits.

    Lindsay, this is the only reddish looking thing in my closet and surprisingly, the most used.

    AA, LOL! These boots are incredible! I'm hoping to get another cropped fur vest too.

    Jen, thank you! You're very kind. Unfortunately, the temperature is dropping steadily as I'm typing this.

    Anna, thank you! Really appreciate you took the time to comment. I'm so glad you like the first look. In fact, this was my outfit for a dinner with a few girlfriends tonight.

  7. Absolutely love no. 3. We have the same Zadig sweater dress, mine is just a different color.



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