Hermes Kelly Caleche cashmere shawl

Wednesday 12 October 2011
What got me started on the Hermes bandwagon was the scarves. I'd never seen anything as gloriously beautiful as Hermes silk scarves where each carefully thought out design resemble a masterpiece that should belong in the world's greatest art galleries. Unfortunately, it's the one thing I wear the least. I collect Hermes scarves with an oriental theme hoping one day to frame them up when we finally settle down permanently.

As for Hermes cashmere shawls, if I had to calculate cost per wear, it'd be down to pennies. The wet and chilly weather all year round in the UK means that my cashmere shawls get a lot of use. I have a meagre collection of Hermes shawls as I can be rather anal retentive with my purchases. Each shawl has been methodically chosen after a long drawn out process where the colors and designs were analyzed to ensure that they suit flatter my skin tone and moi. These shawls cost £730 a pop and honestly, I can't bear it if I made an expensive mistake.

I bought this lovely light blue Kelly Caleche during the Hermes sale in Paris this summer. A close friend and I made the trip there just for the sale. We had greatest time catching up over lovely meals and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. However, the mad dash, crushing queues and having to make your decision within a blink of an eye or should I say, a moment of madness, we came home with things that made us shake our heads. One of which was the Kelly Caleche shawl. I'm not a fan of the design but I love the color combination. It has taken me this long to finally come to love it. I suppose you could say, it kind of grew on me.

Outfit: Gloverall raincoat, Petit Bateau breton top, Uniqlo skinny cargo pants, Repetto flats with Hermes Kelly Caleche shawl.

Outfit: Uniqlo woolen V neck pullover, Uniqlo skinny cargo pants, Chanel flats, Hermes Kelly 28cm with Hermes Kelly Caleche shawl.


  1. I would love to have an hermes scarf and a kelly one day, well add to it a mix of the belt and a cuff bracelet... Anyways, I can't believe it took you so long to fall in love with this scarf, it's beautiful and I like how you paired it here!

  2. Buying something from Herm├Ęs would make me happy!!!
    Definitely the kind of outfits I like !!
    Great choice !!

  3. I never tire of looking at your little Kelly - isn't it great when final sale products grow on you?? Definitely have experienced what you did with the frantic sale purchasing!

  4. Hi, I really love how you pair your luxe pieces with casual items, like the Hermes scarf here. Whenever I think of Hermes scarves I think of glamour and class and I really think that every woman deserves to have one :)

  5. I love it when a scarf ends up being such a loved match with the wardrobe. The colors of this one are so soft . . . it's easy to see why you'll live in it this winter. And I'm with Katherine--every time I see that beautiful Kelly, I smile inside.

  6. Great outfits, love scarves!Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  7. Love both outfits! Your Repettos are a perfect colour combo with your cargo pants.

    The Hermes shawl is in such a beautiful soft and neutral colour, that I think it goes with almost everything.

    And your Kelly is absolutely gorgeous! If you don't mind me asking, what leather and size is it?

  8. Oops, just realized that you mentioned the size of your Kelly in the post ... Sorry :P

  9. What a gorgeous colorway = especially for "our" gold Kelly!

  10. Bessie, it can take me a long time to warm up to a new thing if it was an impulse buy. You definitely can't go wrong with a scarf, Kelly, belt and cuff. All these items are such timeless pieces.

    Ginger, LOL. I think anything that came out of Hermes orange boxes is divine. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

    Michelle, you and me both! If I won Lotto, Hermes would be my first stop.

    Katherine, (hugs) It's pretty odd. I've always loved the look of a sellier Kelly but it just doesn't love me back. On the other hand, the slouchy and slightly disheveled Kelly retourne suits my lifestyle better.

    Sharon, I agree. I do feel more polished if I've got a Hermes scarf around my neck even if I was just wearing clothes from Uniqlo.

    Fabrizia, thank you.

    Mona P, funnily enough, it was Lil L who insisted that the outfit goes better with the taupe Repettos. The Kelly is a 28cm in taurillon clemence :)

    Lauraloo, thank you! great minds think alike :P

  11. i love that colorway!

    my entrance to hermes were scarves (and unfortunately, still limited to scarves)

    wish i could go for those sales!

  12. Your shawls are absolutely stunning- nice picks! Though it is hard to go wrong :) And if you're going to get that much use out fo them, they are totally worth it :)

  13. It is GORGEOUS! I love the color, design and the outfits you paired it with. Your closet is extraordinary. I know when I click on your link, I'm going to experience something fabulous. I'm learning so much. One of my blog readers just had a Hermes scarf framed:
    Hope you're have a fabulous day! :D

  14. bagfashionista, I only ventured into shawls 3 years ago. I used to dream of checking out the Paris sales but it wasn't until I moved to the UK that it became a reality. It's definitely an experience to be savored with girlfriends.

    Skippysays, you're a sweetheart! The summer here is pretty awful but at least the climate is perfect for shawls :)

    Kim, ((hugs)) You always say the nicest things. I mentioned to Kat that I've been keeping the exact same Hermes Turandot scarf (the North Caroline reissue) for the same purpose - to be framed! Great minds think alike :)

  15. I've the same one in orange! Your blue is so soft & choice!

  16. I would love to get an Hermes scarf one day! I really like the idea of framing it too... I just saw Katherine from Feather Factor do a post about framing an Hermes scarf and it looked great!

  17. Love your kelly *swoon*
    The raincoat is cute! I love the buttons :)

  18. StefPatt, you're absolutely right. I was drawn to the soft blue tones which is a nice pop of color during the winter months in the sea of black outfits.

    The Blonde, I've been planning to frame the same Turandot scarf for quite sometime. I'm keeping my Hermes scarves with an oriental theme for framing.

    Chicology, the Kelly is my go to bag. It definitely gets used a lot. I was really pleased to find this raincoat because I wanted something different. Most of the raincoats I'd seen have a floral print which I'm not too keen on.

  19. Really love that scarf!! And your two outfits are fabulous! They remind me of Elle McPherson! She has wonderful winter outfits with an Hermes scarf peeking out!

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