Shopping in Paris Part 1

Thursday 1 September 2011
Over the past couple of posts, I've regurgitated the same hyperbolic adjectives over and over again - (romantic, magnificent architecture, Seine, yada yada yada) that I even managed to bore myself. Despite my protestations, for those of you who'd been to Paris, you'll understand why one can't help waxed poetically about the city. The other thing that Paris is well known for is fashion. I mean it's where some of the most well known names - Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Isabel Marant, Christian Louboutin are based. Since this is a fairly long post, I'm going to split it up to 2 parts.

IM store
On the whole, I found the prices in Paris on par with UK. There are some exceptions such as Isabel Marant where their Dicker boots are 325€ as opposed to £365 but then that's understandable as it's a French brand. Barbour jackets, on the other hand, are two to three times more expensive in Paris. If you're crazy about Isabel Marant as I am, the best place to go is their store at Republique. Stocks galore! Their staff will bend over backwards to help you.

Isabel Marant
47, rue Saintonge
75003 paris
00 33 (0)1 42 78 19 24
monday-saturday : 10.30 am - 7.30 pm
Metro: Republique

Marais k jacques
I popped into K Jacques St Tropez, a popular brand that I'd talked about previously at Marais to check them out. The shop may feel claustrophobic but the service is exceptional. This caught my eye but I left empty handed as my size requires a custom order.

 K Jacques
16 Rue Pavée
75004 Paris, France
01 40 27 03 57
Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Subway: Saint-Paul


Friends who know me well are acquainted with my love for Repetto flats. Check out the exquisitely embroidered ballet tutu by the window. Be careful when you order Repetto flats online because you may have to go up by 2 sizes for the ones with more toe cleavage. Their flagship store at Place Vendome is my favorite.

22 Rue Paix
75002 Paris, France
01 44 71 83 12

Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Subway: Opéra

Unfortunately, I've yet to find a pair of comfortable Christian Louboutin heels but they're undeniably sexy and make your legs look like a million miles long. When I got to his store at St Germain des Pres, there was already a small queue. In France, a sales associate can only deal with ONE customer at a time. In this case, there was a lady with her friend who tried on dozens of shoes, pranced up and down the red carpet as if it was a catwalk to the consternation of those of us who had been waiting for more than half an hour. An hour later, they left empty handed leaving the poor sales associate to tidy up the huge mess. I was served by a male sales associate who to the relief of many, turned up after his lunch break. He was wonderful. He brought anything he could find in size 34 and 34.5 but alas, no Simple 70mm heels in my size.

Christian Louboutin
38/40,  rue de Grenelle
Tel : +33 (1) 42 22 33 07
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 1030 - 1930

Métro stop: Sèvres-Babylon

For some reason, I've always compared Galeries Lafayette to Harrods because it's a little over the top and dull. I've been to this department store on many occasions but this time, I felt it was far FAR better than Printemps. The interior was well lit, one could find entrance and exit points easily and the building is stunningly beautiful.

Galeries Lafayette
40, blvd Haussmann
75009 PARIS

Metro : Chaussée d'Antin, Opéra, Trinité
Opening hours: Monday throught Saturday : from 09:30 am to 07:30 pm. Late night opening every Thursday until 9 pm

I found Printemps slightly more tired and dingy compared to the previous years. The Homme (men) and Femme (women) are in different buildings. It's located adjacent to its competitor, Galeries Lafayette.

Printemps Haussman
64, bd Haussmann
75009 Paris - France
Tel : +33(0)1 42 82 50 00

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.35 am to 8 pm - Late-night opening Thursday until 10 pm.
Metro: Havre Caumartin


  1. very beautiful pictures you got there....i enjoyed all of them!!

  2. Great information--particularly about Isabel Marant. I'm also interested in checking out Repetto shoes--not the flats, alas, but the heeled variety. I think a Repetto shoe is an essential thing in one's closet.

  3. I TOTALLY booked marked this post!! I didn't feel like I had really shopped that much on my last Paris trip since I had spent so much time (& money haha) at chanel but this time def want to broaden my horizons a bit in Paris!!

  4. stylish with a budget, I'm so glad you like the photos.

    AA, I fell in love with their ballet wedges. So comfortable! Unfortunately, none of their stores have my size.

    Lisa, Chanel is addictive :) I actually prefer to go to the quieter suburbs far away from the crowds. You must be really excited about your move to Germany.

  5. Gasp! I love all your photos and I adore K Jacques shoes too - was so sad I didn't get to pick up a pair while I was there...I feel the same way about you with most Paris department stores...I really feel that Le Bon Marche is the best!

  6. Thanks for posting!! Love all these, hope to go back to Paris soon! What camera do you use BTW?

  7. Hi, I got super excited when I saw the title of your post. Even though I won't be going to Paris anytime soon (darn it!) I felt that I escaped for just a few minutes while reading your post. I also, cannot walk in high heels but want a pair of Christian Louboutin's for the hell of it. They are so gorgeous. Thanks so much for the post!

  8. Oh what a bummer your experience at CL... my sister was amazed by their good service and how they went beyond their means to finds pairs of shoes she needed. My C'est moi booties are the most comfy of all my CLs, still they are not easy to wear on a day out shopping.

    You know I love KJacques! I will never tire raving for the brand, they worth every single euro!

  9. Ahhhhh...this brings back so many good memories!!

  10. Oooh ... looks like Repetto has great colors this autumn! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Kat, the selection at the store was insane. I don't know how they managed to pack them all into such a tiny shop! I'm crazy about Le Bon Marche's food market. I could spend hours there.

    Black Is The New Black, I hope you make it to Paris soon. Such a beautiful city. I've got an old DSLR - Canon 400D with a semi pro lens attached. The photos are taken with a combination of different lens 50mm, 55-250mm and 17-55mm.

    Sharon, LOL! Guess you'll like the part 2 then. I searched the length and breadth of Hong Kong to find a CL No Prive only to have my toes turned blue after wearing them for an hour.

    Lily, their service was perfect in every way. I popped into Stuart Weitzman which was a couple of shops from CL. Wow, their shoes are so comfortable but then again I should've known having worn their boots for years. I've worn my K Jacques to death. Must get another one soon.

    lauraloo, I guess that means you'll have to make ANOTHER trip to this part of the world.

    DA, you should try their ballerina wedges. Divine and super comfortable. I just wish they have my size.

  12. Hi, I've been reading your blog ever since I saw your post in purse forum. I'm a Msian living in Perth.

    Since you're looking for CL Simple 70 size 34.5, I saw this in here.
    They say its 0.5 size smaller, maybe the size 35 can fit you.


  13. Mrsallan, thank you for visiting my blog. Perth holds a special place in my heart as my best friend lives there. You're very kind to locate my size for me. You're absolutely right that the Simple pump runs small. I usually wear size 34 and I could barely bear the pain when I was trying on the pumps. I guess it's either going to be 34.5 or 35. I'll check out the website.



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