Paris: In search of Isabel Marant and size 34 shoes

Tuesday 6 September 2011
The ornate neo classical buildings in Paris are staggeringly beautiful. Instead of big meals, I've been snacking on goodies from Pierre Herme, Eric Kayser, Le Bon Marche's epicerie and Laduree. They're plenty other patisseries that I've been buying tidbits from as well. Since this is my 6th trip to Paris, I haven't bothered much with the museums. So shoot me :P  I just want to walk around and eat my way through Paris.

Alright, if I'm going to be perfectly honest, I've got two "must do" things on my list - Isabel Marant and size 34 shoes. I was in Paris for a week now and so far, I'd managed to visit 2 Isabel Marant flagship  and 3 other concession stores. I know. I know. I'm crazy and can be pretty obsessive when I'm on a hunt for something. The elusive Dicker boots is sold out everywhere in Paris unless you've got size 41 feet. Drats! There's practically none left until the next shipment sometime in September. No, they won't ship internationally either but will accept payment if you have someone pick them up for you. Double bummer.

Hubby aka human GPS (I have NO sense of direction whatsoever) managed to locate every IM store in Paris save one. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered trudging to the 6th Isabel Marant store. Thankfully, there was a Lexy jacket in my size. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Bordeaux shade rather flattering against my skintone.


Buying shoes is hell for me. It's a tiresome and fruitless exercise which only results in frustration. In fact, I was so darned peeved and disappointed after going through the shoes department in Le Bon Marche, Galeries LaFayette and Printemps, not to mention every shoe store in St Germain des Pres that I ended up splurging on calorie laden Pierre Herme macarons to cheer me up.

pierre herme

Next was Stuart Weitzman. Their equivalent to a Simple was Hola, a far more comfortable and cheaper option but I wanted a nude, not black. Their size 34 and 35 stock have completely been depleted by the other Asian tourists. *sigh* By now, I've become rather expectant of the words "Non, madame". I've had countless sales associates urging me to put insoles but seriously, if I had to fork out A LOT OF MONEY for my shoes, I want them to fit properly. Is that so difficult to ask??

My final stop was Repetto. It's a tried and tested brand for me. I was looking for a pair of taupe ballerina flats which will go with everything in my wardrobe. Success at last! The higher cut toe cleavage meant I had to wear 2 sizes up. I tried on their size 36 and bingo, one that fits finally! The cushioned insole with the midsized wedge was the perfect combination. Alas,  they were a tad big. After scouring 3 different Repetto stores for my size, I decided to give up my search. Heck, at least I'm lucky enough to leave Paris with a pair of shoes in MY size!


I've talked about Ekyog previously. It's a French brand with an ethical approach to their clothes.  The sales associate brightened up when hubby chatted to her in French. Meanwhile, I got the chance to inspect their clothes up close. Fantastic quality at very reasonable prices. My striped (yes! Another one!!) sweater dress worked out to be £62.



  1. Hi, you sound like me when I am on the hunt for the 'perfect' designer item- right now for me it's a Helmut Lang blazer :) I've heard so much about the Isabel Marant boots, I hope that you do find them! And you have such tiny feet. Hopefully you leave Paris with some great souvenirs :)

  2. Aww so sorry that you didn't find the boots but the Lexy jacket is lovely! You left with it right? And Repetto shoes always run soooo small for glad to hear that you left with a gorgeous new pair!

  3. Love the IM jacket and the sweater dress!

  4. Congrats on the IM & Repetto! I love them both & I'm thinking I need sthing from IM too!

  5. What monumentally beautiful purchases. The IM jacket is gorgeous, but I find myself most in love with this French ecco-dress. "Ekyog" is definitely going in my book as a shop to investigate. Thank you!

  6. Love your chocolate ballet flats!!! Repettos are so comfortable and understated, definitely an essential wardrobe piece.

  7. Everyone thinks shopping in Paris is effortless - as we both know - it's WORK!! LOL! So beautiful - everything! My Paris Repettos are the same shade and I love it! I need that dress, too, already knew that!! hehe

  8. Sharon, I didn't bother photographing my loot of cepes (dried mushrooms) else people think I'm nuts! Great to know that I'm not the only person who shops like a beagle on the hunt for food.

    Kat, yup got the Lexy but no Dickers. Boohoo! You're so lucky you managed to nab a pair.

    Thank you, Mona P!

    StefPatt, beware IM clothes are rather addictive.

    AA, you'll be surprised at how affordable Ekyog clothes are. They're all organic and purchase their raw materials at fair prices too.

    Lindsay, I'll do a post on my ballet flats collection soon. I adore Repetto!

    Lauraloo, you say it! At least hubby was rather patient with his IM crazed wife who wasn't going to leave Paris without achieving her goals.

  9. I love that you get something on your mind and hunt for it. I'm usually not like that, but every once in a while I'll get a certain pair of shoes on my mind and I won't rest until I've found them!



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