Who's wearing Rick Owens leather jacket?

Friday, 5 August 2011
I once read an article about Rick Owens, I have to admit he came across as rather strange and a gothic figure. He's certainly not your average run of the mill kind of guy. I struggle to relate to his most of his ideas. However, his leather jackets are truly sublime with such incredible cut that makes your waist look no wider than 20 inches. I can go on and on about the fit. For now, I'm making do with staring at these photos below.

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  1. ACK! Okayyyyy, we must try these on when I come visit you. If it truly does that to one's waist, I'm in trou-ble!

  2. To be honest I was not really that familiar with Rick Owens until I read your post. I love how the jacket (in the first and second photo) drapes, and it looks like you could wear that jacket forever. Like I need another investment piece :) Um, on second thought, Of course I do! Thanks for the post :)

  3. lauraloo, I've got a boyish figure. Straight up straight down. BUT I look like I'm reeeeal curvy when I've got the jacket on. So yes! I'm dragging you off to try this when you touch down.

    Sharon, I didn't know much about Rick Owens until earlier this year. I think it's a real investment piece. It doesn't look much hanging on the rack but once you've put it on -divine!

  4. ooh yes I like! Actually I love Rick Owens and I also love the menswear.
    There is a boutique near by that sells a jacket (inspired) for 200 euro, I've been thinking about it, but I'm not too much of a leather jacket type of gal. More of a cardi & trench...

  5. I've never thought much of leather jackets until I got to the UK. Now, I love them. That saying, I tend to alternate between trench, cardi, leather jacket and reserve my thickest Gloverall coat when the cold weather really sets in.

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