Monday 1 August 2011
Ever since I had sushi for lunch at a friend's place a few days ago, I haven't stopped thinking about it. It was a particularly hot day today and I just couldn't bear the thought of having either fish pie or chicken chasseur. We've got guests over for dinner tonight and I wanted something light but filling. I decided on chicken teriyaki and smoked salmon sushi. I was too lazy to look up a recipe for chicken teriyaki so I thought I'd try my version instead. I threw 400g of boneless chicken thigh into a large frying pan and cooked in teriyaki sauce which was made of kikkoman soy sauce (reduced salt), sake, sugar and a dash of sesame oil. The result was rather scrumptious.





  1. This looks delicious and fresh - perfect for a hot summer day. I want to come over one day for a dinner (will you make some cake too??)

  2. this looks yummy! :) would prefer something light like this too on hot days,its always hot in malaysia so uhmm lol

  3. I'm soooo gonna try doing that soon. :) Sun's back out in Lux. SO happy!

  4. I used to do sushi at home--Indian chutneys are incredible in it. I stopped the past few years (such great sushi a walk away), but in Oklahoma, we plan to start up again!

    Yours look fabulous.

  5. Brilliant!! I'm going to try that chicken!

  6. Kat, for you, I'll make sure you'll get the whole shebang including the cake!

    breakingrumours, I find it difficult to eat heavy meals in Malaysia. It's so hot!

    Heather, are you back in Lux now? Hope you had a great time in KK.

    AA, I've only just started making sushi because there are no decent Japanese restaurants within 200km radius. I never bothered in NZ because there's always a sushi takeaway wherever I turn.

    Lauraloo, cook the whole boneless thigh until the sauce has been reduced and slice it. Dump it on top of boiled rice and voila you've got yourself a meal :)

  7. YUM! I would love to make my own sushi but it seems like so much work for such little food. I can be so lazy sometimes! haha

  8. Mary Lane, it's surprisingly easy to make. Just cook the rice and everything else is easy. Buy chicken rotisserie, smoked salmon or raw fish and throw them in. Give it a try :)



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