Thursday 18 August 2011
We're heading off on a long awaited one week break in Paris. I'm usually beyond anal about planning for a trip. I do masses of research. I mean A LOT. I'd have piles of books in my bedroom. My itineraries are as long as my arm with daily scheduled stops, bus/train/subway routes, restaurants etc. I'm a lot better these days. I'd much rather have a general idea of the places I want to go and then just wander around each area aimlessly. What better way to explore than to stumble upon "off the beaten tracks" and meet the locals, right? When I mentioned this to my normally phlegmatic hubby, he was flummoxed. "What?! We need an itinerary or else we will miss all the important churches and museums". Huh. This is the guy who doesn't really care about where we're going (he asked where we were going when the plane was taxiing down the runway) as long as he gets enough sleep and rest.

One of the things I've been putting off was buying a suitcase. I didn't want something big as we'll have to navigate through tube and train stations. I've had my Samsonites for so long, I can't even remember when I bought them. My favorite Samsonite was just a tad bigger than the cabin sized trolley but it fell apart when my mom jammed the lock and then was rendered completely useless after my sister returned it. All in all, it had a pretty good run. I've never been a suitcase type of gal. My parents told me to buy Samsonite suitcases and that was what I did for a decade. However, lately, we had a spate of bad luck with the new ones we'd purchased. I don't know if it's just us or that the quality has gone downhill.

I started to hunt around for suitcases. I knew that I wanted something relatively small and light, preferably a 4 wheeler. It had to be able to take some pounding considering the amount of traveling that we do.

I lusted after this Rimowa Salsa Air multi-wheel case which weighed a mere 2.4 kgs. Not cheap at £353. Rimowa originates from Cologne, Germany and has been producing lightweight and super durable suitcases since 1898.

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Let's not forget the range of Globe-trotter suitcases, created in the style of vintage trunks which are made right here in the UK. These are meant to last decades and are virtually bulletproof. In fact, they also make bespoke suitcases. How wonderful is that? The 21" trolley case weighs 4.2 kg and cost a whopping £680.

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I wasn't ready to part with that much money for a suitcase - yet. I've read rave reviews from bloggers about Longhaul Scorpius Rollercase from Marks and Spencers which cost only £59, a fraction of the delectable goodies I'd mentioned previously. This will do for now.

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  1. I understand the dilemma. I'll only be bringing something that size for six weeks in Paris during the winter (!), and I hope my cheapie roller makes it. The M&S suitcase is quite lovely--It seems an excellent choice.

  2. It's probably a good thing I don't travel that much because it would give me THAT much more of a reason to buy totally awesome luggage.
    I have a shopping problem.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I am so jealous of your trip to Paris. I am like you, before i embark on a trip i research the hell out of everything, hotel, restaurants, sites, etc. And I love packing for a trip- which is why a good suitcase is necessary. The Marks and Spencer one is divine, stylish, affordable and looks like it would do a good job toting around your travelling necessities. Thanks so much for the post :)

  4. Samsonite has been my only choice for a long time. I travel often, sometimes I don't really unpack my suitcase. I always have my travel-size toiletries in the same suitcase. I saw the M&S suitcase, it looks quite nice in person. I'll probably grab one for my next 2-weeks trip to Moscow.

  5. AA, you're a brave woman! I've yet to travel in winter unless I'm heading back to NZ to get some sun.

    Bonnie, I'm envious of those of you that live in the US. Most things are so much cheaper there than in the UK.

    Sharon, I'm glad there are people like me out there! I'm unwilling to part with £££ for a suitcase. It may take a while before I would even consider a Globe-trotter but for now, I don't mind gazing lovingly at the pictures!

    MissA, I read the reviews on their website and people seem to rave about it.

    Michelle, I adore Paris. Be sure to check back often for updates.

  6. I love my Samsonite (cabin size) it is the perfect bag for me, simple and sturdy. I saw many Rimowa carried by stylish ladies lately, color matching with their hand bag lol! It looks good, holds 35lt (compared to 32lt of Samsonite cabin) and weighs only 2.4kg (compared to the 3.5 of Samsonite cabin), I hope it is sturdy. I'd be afraid to scratch that lovely shiny surface... :O

    Personally I wouldn't spend more than 300 euros on luggage, because I travel in economy class, I take buses and trains, dragging my bag along over spilled coffee and beer, or worse (urine and vomit ahem-Berlin-hmmm)... I just need a bag that can take a beating, and I can wash easily. The fancy ones I'd be afraid to touch.

    I would buy a fancy one just for car trips and weekends. But for this kind of thing there are always nice leather Prada weekenders. KWIM?

    I keep notes before a trip of a few things that might interest me (sights, museums, restaurants) and print out bus routes and schedules. Sometimes I make an itinerary and other times not. I'm a total anarchist tbh and I usually just follow my instincts and do as I like. I like adventures :) However I always read a guide or look up things in the net a few days before.

  7. I've never paid much attention to suitcases. Right now, I just can't bear spending that much money on them but who knows perhaps given another 10 years or so, I might change my mind.

    LOL. Yes, I remember the places I'd dragged my suitcases to. *wince*

  8. Have a WONDERFUL time in Paris!! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get back!

    It's always hard to find the right suitcase. When the hubby and I traveled Europe, we had a convertible backpack/suitcase for ease but they are now too big to be used as carry on. I've been looking for a durable carry on that's convenient to travel with! The Longhaul rollercase looks good - you will have to tell us how it holds up!

  9. I can't wait till I get to Paris. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos.

    I know what you mean. I have a convertible backpack/suitcase which I've been using for 10 years now but these days, the 4 wheelers are so much easier when we've got to use trains and subways.



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