Paris: Streetstyle fashion and bags

Friday 26 August 2011
I set out with good intentions to take streetstyle snapshots of fashionable locals and tourists for my readers. After reviewing most of my photos, I realized I managed to take tons of butt shots. Bleh. Or even worse, most appeared without their heads. How appropriate given that I'm in the city that's famous for its guillotine. I was too shy to approach a few well dressed women that I was gawking at. It's not so much that they're stunning but I loved how they put together their outfits and accessories. Well, I guess I'll never be UK's version of Bill Cunningham.

As I was stalking a classy middle aged woman, the police on the other side of the road thought I was photographing him and the building he was guarding. The overzealous officer started blowing his whistle incessantly which caused EVERYONE on my side of the street to stare at me. I don't know who was more sheepish upon discovering that I was only interested in fashion shots. The Parisians have that certain je ne sais quoi that made them look chic and classy without being overly casual or tacky. Anyway, I got a little carried away and started snapping away anyone who was carrying a designer bag so do excuse a few unappealing shots.

I  don't know about you but I just can't relate to these skinny beauty editors, models, socialites and celebrities that are constantly featured in many streetstyle fashion blogs. They're oh so perfectly put together and seem so contrived or staged. I want to see normal well dressed women who are not reed thin with wrinkles that show their age. I'm not in my early 20s nor do I head out the door tittering on stilletos. I've given birth so my belly isn't as firm as before. When I break into a run (which only happens when I'm trying to catch the train), certain body parts jiggle like jelly. Okay, that's too much information so I'd better stop before I embarrass myself further.

streetstyle picotin

streetstyle scarf

The scarf is a vital accessory in a French woman's wardrobe. Loop it around your neck, hair or wear it as a belt. There are so many ways you fold it to suit your mood.


The other thing I notice is the ubiquitous breton tees here in Paris. However, the striped tops are often worn with colored jeans.


streetstyle birkin

streetstyle chanel

streetstyle gold birkin

streetstyle-etoupe birkin


Tuilleries L

I decided to include Little L's photo after getting tons of inquiries from Parisians regarding her trench coat. Many were pleasantly surprised to find out that the coat's from Catimini, a popular French brand.


  1. This is wonderful! You've clearly culled those pesky photographs to a few fantastic ones. I particularly love the shot to illustrate scarves--I love wearing them as belts, etc, and can't wait to be in a culture that revels in innovative scarf-wearing.

    Little L is so precious. I want a trench like that!

  2. I love the photos you took - the girl in the scarf is so chic :) Your little girl though is the most stylish of all...the trench is adorable!

  3. Hi, I don't mind butt shots but only if they're nice butts and belong to cute parisian men. Hehe. You definitely caught a good dose of parisian chic in your photos, love the shots of the birken's and chanels. Your daughter is absolutely adorable. I wish that I had her wardrobe when I was her age :)

  4. AA & Kat, I'm just entranced by how effortless they wear their scarves. I'm hoping to take a few more photos as inspirations.

    Sharon, you're trying to get ME into trouble. Goodness knows what MY hubby will think seeing photos after photos of men's butt!! LOL.

    Thank you all for the lovely compliments about Little L. It's great having a little girl because I can dress her up like a doll! :)

  5. Little L is the most chic of the whole bunch!!

  6. You take amazing shots, I have to give it to you. Perhaps the best among the (amateur) blogging travel photographers, which is one of the many reasons I keep coming for more! you have a unique eye on things, and you can make an everyday scene seem utterly magical and fascinating. That's a rare talent!

    All my French friends are really stick thin (in their late 30s and early 40s), but not all of them have a great sense of style.
    The sooner we accept our bodies and appearance and that we cannot stretch taller or become twiggies the happier we will become sooner. We must learn to love ourselves and be proud of our looks.
    One reason I NEVER read fashion magazines are the image they try to put down our throats. I've said it again and again, I'm very anti Fashion Magazine. They are just 1 big ad, they promote the things the advertisers pay them to (it's a business after all), they've no concept of reality, and the clothes are usually ugly too. I'd rather get inspired by real ppl, discover trends on my own and choose what I like from each season, or even better previous seasons. Better be a trend setter and unique than a fashion victim kwim?

    Lil L is so gorgeous!
    I'm hungry for more pictures!!!

  7. Awwww! Little L is too adorable!
    And love your shots, as always. :)

  8. First of all, you are hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at "butt shots", the "overzealous officer", and "jiggle like jelly"!! Thanks for the good laugh!

    Second, your pictures are great! (Watch out Scott Schuman!) I could people watch in Paris for hours so thanks for the photos! Love getting inspiration from their simplicity and chicness.

    Third, little L is adorable! (I think I use that word every time she is in a photo - but she is!)

    xo, sam

  9. Lily, I've been walking on cloud 9 since reading your comment. Thank you! I completely agree with you. I bought a few French magazines yesterday and wasn't all that impressed.

    Thank you, Heather! Little L was an angel on the trip.

    Sam, you're a sweetheart! I was getting all frantic trying to get frontal shots and was so darned peeved at myself when I got photos of backsides instead. to a mom's ears. Little L has been so good throughout this trip that I think she deserves a treat :)

  10. I enjoyed looking at all the pics.
    And Little L is very chic in that trench! :p

  11. You take really, really great pictures, but my favorite is Little L - what a cutie!

    I agree -I don't subscribe to any of the normal streetstyle blogs anymore. I just got sick of seeing the same women, all of whom were young, gorgeous, thin, and totally unrelatable. I would love to see more of your streetsyle pictures! It's fun to see celebs and socialities, but I also enjoy seeing real women like you've picked.

  12. Mary Lane, you're a sweetheart! What mother doesn't like to hear a compliment about her kids. Thank you!

    Looking at those supposed streetstyle photos made me depressed. I just can't relate to them at all. One of these days, I might pluck some courage and post photos. I hate being photographed which I guess is why I love photography so much because I'm behind the lens all the time. The ones I had my husband take were terrible. I was either scowling, hunching or have a grimace on my face.

  13. Love this post. Always love to read a streetstyle post, moreover it's some style from Paris! <3

    I came across your blog from Qy's blog. Just learn that you are from Borneo. I'm a Malaysian currently residing in the US. Drop by to say hi to my new neighbor :)


  14. Hiya Fay! It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow Malaysian. Thank you for taking the time to post.



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