Isabel Marant Etien Jacket

Tuesday 16 August 2011
I haven't had the opportunity to wear my Isabel Marant Etien jacket yet but what better way to "test drive" it than to try out a couple of pairings to see how it'll work with the rest of my wardrobe.

Casual or smart casual


Outfit: Isabel Marant Etien Jacket, Great Plains t-shirt, Uniqlo Skinny Tapered Fit jeans, Hermes belt, Hermes Kelly 28cm and Zara heels


Outfit: Isabel Marant Etien Jacket, Great Plains t-shirt, Karen Walker skirt, Zara leopard print belt, Manolo Blahnik kitten heeled slingbacks and Chanel Timeless clutch


  1. Gorgeous!!! I just tried on the similar red/black Lexy jacket yesterday (finally one shop in town where they carry a bit of Etoile!) I might need to go back and get it!!

  2. You LUCKY thing!! I can't find a single red nor blue Lexy in my size. I finally managed to nab the anthracite version. I was hoping to try my chances in Paris but I read that things get snapped up very quickly too. Don't forget to show me modelling pics!

  3. Both looks are divine! I especially like it paired with the beautiful gold Kelly. Simple and regal!

  4. Love both outfits!
    Drooling over the Isabel Marant jacket. And thumbs up for the Uniqlo jeans, they are my favorite!

  5. I love both combo's, H and Marant is divine!

  6. AA, thank you! The Gold Kelly has got to be my most versatile bag.

    Lily - re: Uniqlo jeans. Why pay more when you can get amazing quality for 1/5th of the price? And they hem for free too

    Toothfairy, I think I've been bitten by Isabel Marant bug.

  7. I don't need any hemming, they fit perfectly, one of the reasons I love them, except the great prices!
    Can't wait for my next trip to London to stock on Uniqlo. it is also DH's favorite brand, the only place he is not too bothered to look at clothes lol!

  8. you're lucky that you're tall and slender. I'm so jealous. Unfortunately, this shortie spends a fortune having her trousers altered. I know that they're amazing woolen sweaters out there but Uniqlo does really good ones for a lot less. As you can tell, you're talking to another Uniqlo lover.

  9. LOVE the way you styled it!! Both pairings are wonderful! The gold kelly just pops against the cream/black! And the work outfit is so elegant!! Bravo!!

    xo, sam

  10. I'm so glad you like both ensembles, Sam. Although I make a concerted effort to include colors and prints into my existing wardrobe, I find myself naturally straying back into my neutrals.



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