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Thursday 14 July 2011
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I'm sure you're all sick of my numerous lists by now so I promise this is my last. For. The. Month. I can't guarantee anything beyond that :P  I've literally purged pretty much all my heels save 3. My Jimmy Choo red slingback heels make my legs look Gisele Bunchen's but they're bloody painful to walk on. As for the other pair, they're my trusted Manolo kitten heels which I used to wear to work. The third and the most comfortable pair was a bargain I picked up from Zara. What's missing is a nude pair of heels which I can mix and match with everything.

The trouble with my feet is they're so small, I have to look twice as hard for shoes. I try to invest in designer brands only because replacing my worn shoes is a real pain in the derrière. I was silly enough not to buy another pair of Zanotti embellished flats during the crazy On Pedder sale in Hong Kong 4 years ago. These days, it's near impossible to find size 34s.

Furthermore, I like my designer goodies but I hate paying retail. Unless it's one of a kind and I absolutely can't get it anywhere (which is remarkably rare), everything will go on sale at some point. I remember seeing hundreds of Luella "Gisele" bag strewn all over the floor and shelves at a sale discounted by 80% yet no one looked at them. I love trawling on eBay and thrift shops because every now and then, I manage to spot wonderful bargains at a fraction of its retail price.

Couple of weeks ago, I happened to walk past Giuseppe Zanotti on my way to the tube station. There were two massive sale signs taped to the window. I just HAD to walk in. Well, I promptly fell in love with the suede lace up wedges because i love the rocker chic look and it was comfortable. Sadly, they were just a little too big so I had to leave them behind.

I'll be the first one to say that I've been totally sucked in by the Isabel Marant Dicker boots hype. They're cool, they're boho, they're the right height so I can walk instead of tottering on stilts. It's pretty cold most of the year here in the UK so my boots get the most wear. What I really need is to a pair of black Repetto flats to replace my old ones which fell apart after many years of abuse. As you can see from my list, I've been extremely sensible by sticking to monochromatic colors. I couldn't but help sneak in a pair of leopard print flats because I think they really do elevate your ensemble just like the Louis Vuitton leopard stole.


  1. HI, i love your lists so keep 'em coming! Good for you for being thrifty when it comes to desginer goods. Me, not so much, i am too impatient sometimes to wait for things to go on sale (much to my husband's dismay). The leopard print repetto's are so cute, and can match with so much. And the LV leopard print stole will be mine one day. It's such a classic piece. Thanks for the post :)

  2. Agree, love your lists! I'd love to have those Zanotti wedges; I'm currently on the hunt. I always only own a handful of shoes which I wear till they fall apart - which is the case now. Unfortunately I have a very distinctive taste and I also prefer a walkable height. But it seems impossible to find a replacement for my signature ballerinas and black leather booties or ballerinas. Are you happy with your Repettos? 2 years ago I bought a pair of their "Zizi" brogues and they almost immediately fell apart. That's the reason why I haven't bought one of their ballerinas. Alternatives? I also tried the much coveted Lanvin ballerinas - more sturdy and walkable but the elastic was/is killing and hurts my feet even more when I'm out for a couple of hours. So at the moment I'm thinking maybe Chanel? But for taking that splurge they'd need be of very good quality. Any advice would be great! By the way - I really envy you for your luck on sales; I NEVER find anything!

  3. MMC, I do love to hunt for bargains but I'm selective over what I buy. I guess it's my dad's influence who loves going to auctions and estate sales. You'll love the leopard shawl. Mine is one of my most used item in the wardrobe.

    Sog19b, I've never tried their Zizi brogues before. I've worn Repetto ballet flats for many years now and other than the patent leather ones, the rest required no breaking in. The leather literally molds to your feet. Mine holds up really well despite the abuse. I won't recommend their patent leather shoes as they're quite stiff.

    I've tried on Lanvin and Bloch and the elastic really dug into my skin. I like my Chanel but the leather is more stiff than the Repetto's. The main drawback is the price.

    BTW, those Zanotti wedges are surprisingly very very comfortable. I never say this about a pair of heels.

  4. Um - YES to the lists. I love them! I've worn my black Repettos so much but they are still going. Just bought a gorgeous taupe in Paris but next is DEFINITELY the leopard. I'm also searching for that perfect nude pump but I think I'll go with the Prada mid-heeled D'orsay (can't remember the style name.) Prada just fits me better than Louboutin. Also, have you seen AGL flats? Comfy enough for sightseeing but still look chic (featherfactor has them on her blog all the time.) See what happens when I get started on shoes!?

  5. LL, I'll have to check out the taupe when I'm next at Repetto. I've been on the hunt for a leopard print for the longest time. I've always adored Prada shoes but I'm afraid their sizing runs big. Their size 34 is way too big on me :( As for AGL, I've searched for them but can't find any stockists in the UK. I'd like to try them on first just to get an idea on their sizing.

    We can talk shoes all day.......hehehe...

  6. I really like your lists! I started reading your blog recently and really enjoy it. I am in London as well.

    Those Zanotti wedges are gorgeous! Are they on sale now?

  7. Thank you, Mona P. I'm glad you like my lists (way too many) and blog. They're on sale now. I saw these at Sloane St and they were marked down to £275 (or thereabouts). The SA said she could do them for £250.

  8. I've been looking for a perfect pair of leopard print flats for ages and these by Repetto look fab! Thank you for sharing.

  9. q9y8, they're so darn hard to find. I'm going to try to find a pair when I get to Paris.

  10. The leopard flats and the Loubs are my favorites. Great list!



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