Autumn/Winter jackets

Sunday 24 July 2011
I know I keep harping on and on about jackets but seriously, a beautifully tailored jacket can enhance an outfit. I seem to have developed a rather unhealthy obsession for jackets with character.  I know we're only just approaching the summer months so I should be thinking about dresses and sandals (sorry, bikinis aren't part of my fashion vocabulary unless I have Gisele Bunchen's body). Lately, we've been getting a spate of bad weather with temperature dropping faster than my souffle experiment. So it's back to boots and coats again. Drats.

I've diagnosed myself with having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or otherwise known as Winter blues. In this case, I'll call it Bad Summer Weather disorder. My brother who's a GP often shakes his head when I tell him my afflictions, all self-diagnosed with the help of the internet.  I mean, who needs a doc when you've got the internet, right? Just kidding.

Let's go back to my current preoccupation with autumn/winter jackets. I'm afraid it's yet another list because I can't help myself. Virtual lists and cyber window shopping are FREE and non calorie inducing activities.  Hence, they're two of my favorite pastimes.

Photo credit: Isabel Marant Lexy jacket £265 available at Ruby & Tallulah, Patrizia Pepe tweed jacket £295 available at Flannels Fashion, Burberry Trench coat £795 available at Burberry, Iro Agnette boucle jacket £290 available at Net-A-Porter


  1. Any of these would be fabulous! I have a suspicion that Patrizia Pepe and Iro will receive lots of online peeks from me soon . . . Thanks for showing me these labels.

  2. Love that Lexy jacket and that tan Burberry has been on my wish list forever - a staple!

  3. That tweed jacket is to die for! Outerwear is my favorite thing about winter.

  4. My pleasure, AA. I haven't had much luck finding the Patrizia Pepe jacket in my size. Hopefully, you'll be more successful in tracking one down.

    Lauraloo, I've been dying for a proper Burberry trench coat. The smallest size is still pretty big so will require some alteration. And that Lexy jacket, I'm holding on till I get to Paris.

    The Blonde, the PP jacket is sold out everywhere :(

  5. Such lovely jackets! I do love that PP jacket but just saw your comment about it being hard to find. It reminds me of the Isabel Marant Flana jacket - my holy grail!!

  6. Have you managed to find your Flana, Sam? I've been on the lookout for the PP jacket but no luck at the mo. I guess I'll have to search harder :(

  7. No such luck on the IM Flana either! :(

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