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Monday 4 July 2011
I have trouble keeping up with fashion trends. It's just that they change at such a dizzying speed. There's color blocking where fashionistas are photographed in slabs of contrasting colors. Some of the designer outfits I'd seen reminded me of traffic lights. Don't forget the platform brogues which look like what I used to wear when I was 7. Remember the black mircofiber Prada bags? Or Fendi Baguettes? I remember talking to a sales associate at On Pedder in Singapore. For those of you who live outside of Asia, On Pedder is an amazing accessories and shoe store that stocks designer brands. She told me how perfectly rational women would cry on the phone and begged to be put on the waiting list for a Chloe Silverado bag. She was incredulous and couldn't understand why anyone in their right mind would want a bag with a huge and heavy but utterly useless lock attached.

See, the problem with trends is that they have a limited lifespan and then they fade into obscurity within a blink of an eye. All that money flushed down the toilet. What do you do when you fall out of love with them? Re-selling your Silverado would only get you a fraction of its original price. Unfortunately, I don't have a money tree growing in my backyard. Oh wait, I don't have a backyard either. *sigh* With limited funds, I have to think very carefully before making any purchases. Thanks to my frugal dad's influence, my sensible side kicks in whenever I have the desire to fritter my money away on frivolity. I've compiled a list of my classic pieces which will never date. I love that a Hermes Kelly has been considered the "it" bag for the last 50 years, perhaps longer. I've used my 10 year old Hermes belt practically everyday and have no need to replace it until it completely falls apart.

1. Christian Louboutin Simple 70mm in black
2. Christian Louboutin Simple 70mm in nude
3. Yves St Laurent Tribute heels
4. Louis Vuitton Speedy with strap
5. Hermes Kelly in Etoupe
6. Hermes Birkin in Graphite
7. Chanel 2.55 Quilted bag 
8. Hermes Belt
9. Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra necklace in Mother of Pearl.


  1. Agree, agree, agree! So glad for all of the IT bags I didn't buy! All hail Hermes everything, Chanel, Lanvin and Repetto flats, the LV Speedy, VCA Alhambra and Cartier Love collection, Burberry trenches, Balenciaga moto bags and THAT LEATHER JACKET and Chanel tweed!

  2. All of the above!! I decided to stop at 9 or else my list reach the bottom of this page. Don't get me started on THE leather jacket or Burberry trench coat. And Chanel tweed jackets. Where's my money tree??

  3. HI, thank you for that post. I am in the middle of deciding which investment bag to purchase. It's either going to be the Chanel 2.55 (caviar, as lambskin way to fragile), The Celine box bag or a Balenciaga Giant Silver Hardware bag. Oh, decisions, decisions. What a lovely collection you have. I would love to see your closet :)

  4. I love your list and TOTALLY agree!!!
    -S in NY

  5. I like posts on "classic items" or "your essential items for spring...for 2011" that sorta stuff ;p

  6. As always, you sum things up perfectly! My next purchase is going to be a Chanel 2.55 for which I've been saving up - can't wait!

  7. Make mommy chic - My goodness, I can see your dilemma. You've picked 3 of my favorite bags. I'm too scared of lambskin so I always lean towards caviar. You really can't go wrong with any of the 3.

    Thanks, S!

    Chicology - thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated :)

    Sog19b - I've always regretted selling my 2.55. Such a timeless bag.

  8. Great post! I am glad that I've never bought anything that is an IT item. ;-)

  9. I love this list...and that story about the Silverado (I love On Pedder - sidenote!) I really need to pick up a Kelly bag sometime..!

  10. Hello, what do you think of lady dior bag? would you rather buy one lady dior or one celine miniluggage and a balenciaga? TIA

  11. q9y8, same here. Imagine all that money down the drain.

    Kat, I miss On Pedder. They stock my size! I love my Kelly more so than the Birkin. I can carry it like a tote, wear it across my body or on my shoulder.

    Anon - Personally, I'm not a fan of the Lady Dior bag. It's a little too ladylike for me only because I carry way too much stuff. I love the Celine mini luggage tote AND Balenciaga City bag. It really depends on your lifestyle though.

  12. Touche! Agree whole-heartedly with the exception of YSL Tribute shoes.
    The rest is investment alright, although VCA's Alhambra necklace will just have to wait until I win a lottery...

  13. You said it all, I should print this post and pin it on my fridge so I can see it everyday :)

  14. Febster, you and me both. I've been eyeing the VCA Alhambra necklace for a while now. Make that 5 years.

    Lily, Glad you like the list :)

  15. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog via purseforum, and love reading all of your articles!

    Anonymous, Lady Dior is not a light bag, must be due to the leather (?). I am out of my "heavy leather bag" phrase, mostly likely getting a LV SC small's actually light considering that it's full leather.

  16. hi Cecilia, thank you for the kind compliment. I'm so glad you like the blog. Ah yes, the heavy bags. I've caused a great deal of damage to my shoulder and back from lugging around heavy handbags.

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