Who's wearing Isabel Marant?

Wednesday 1 June 2011
Anyone and everyone who's remotely interested in fashion is clamoring to buy a piece of Isabel Marant these days. The smart designer knows that the more elusive her merchandise is, the more her devotees whipped themselves into a frenzy just to acquire them. Ms Marant isn't a fan of the internet so kudos to those at Net-a-porter who managed to land the incredible coup of selling her clothes online. So, who's wearing Isabel Marant?

Photo credit:

Carina Lau wearing Flana jacket. Photo credit: Carina Lau's blog

Blogger wearing Dicker boots and top. Photo credit:

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing silk top. Photo credit: Getty Images

Katie Holmes wearing July jacket. Photo credit:

Katie Holmes wearing Dicker Boots. Photo credit:

Jessica Alba wearing Gable grey boucle jacket. Photo credit: AKM Images

Kate Bosworth wearing skirt and Dicker boots by Isabel Marant. Photo credit: Barcroft Media.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've heard so much about Isabel Marant but have never seen her clothes in real life. I'll have to visit her boutique next time I'm in Paris. On a side note, I'm so loving Gwyneth's style lately and that casual Isabel Marant look is très chic!

  2. I WISH I was wearing Isabel Marant! That flana jacket is beautiful and I've missed out on it twice on ebay now. Thanks for posting all the pics!

  3. DA, Isabel Marant is fantastic at tweaking what looks like an ordinary clothing piece and making it more contemporary with a twist. I hope you get a chance to see her clothes in person. I may not like everything she designs but there are a few that truly stood out for me.

    Samantha, I had no idea it's that hard to find a Flana. I guess it's a limited edition. I quite like the July jacket but without the feathers!

  4. There's an Isabel Marant interview article in Nov L'officel SG edition.



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