Jack Bear

Friday 10 June 2011
Ever since Little L started school, I feel as if I'm back at school all over again. The projects and homework that have to be completed on time as well as the infinite number of important dates that I have to remember. There's the multi-cultural week followed by a number of cake fairs, school trips and on and on it goes. Don't get me wrong. I love that the school is actively promoting and celebrating the different ethnicities in an otherwise very homogenous city. They work hard to raise money for the different charities they support.

However, it has been a steep learning curve for  the both of us. In addition, there's the dilemma. Be the Tiger mom and push your child to strive for better, hold her back and let her be a child,  organize playdates and extracurricular activities etc etc. There are so many afterschool programs available and if I didn't put my foot down, Little L would happily sign up for everything. And then there's the teachers who want more involvement from parents particularly extra lessons in the evening as a follow on to their daily lessons. Whew. It's enough to drive a normally relaxed mom wild with anxiety. So moms out there, I'd love to hear about your experience.

Little L has been harping on and on about Jack Bear. Huh? Jack who? It turned out that this prized creature which in the eyes of Little L and her classmates is the ultimate reward for being good.  Each day, she would look so desolate after seeing yet another friend taking the bear home. Anyway, two days ago, she emerged from her classroom triumphant, grinning from ear to ear and raising the little bear above her head as if she'd won the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament.

Jack Bear had to be included in any after school activities including bed time reading. I, the slave had been instructed to photograph my darling child and her borrowed critter in various poses, print the photos and record their day in the journal included. But at least I had an ecstatic little girl for a day.

Jack bear1

jack bear4

jack bear3
Teddy bear picnic


  1. So cute! L's school sounds a lot like the one my children go to! That has its plusses and minuses for sure! We had our own week (which we had to photograph and journal about) with a monkey named Bananas. Complete with mini bag of clothes. LOL!

  2. L is so cute! She looks super happy with Jack Bear! And I love the "activities" pictures! Thanks for sharing such a fun story (maybe not as fun for you with all the extra homework)!

  3. Thank you, ladies for your kind compliments!

  4. Congratulations to Little L! As Sophie will only start nursery school this autumn, I've yet to experience what you're going through.

  5. DA, looking back, nursery seemed so straightforward and uncomplicated compared to primary school.



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