Travel: Epidavros

Saturday 30 April 2011
We took a little side trip to see the ancient threater in Epidavros. It was built in the 4th century B.C (I use the term B.C differently - Before Children). I guess the word vintage can be used here unlike certain stores I've been to which misappropriate the word to represent clothes that are older than 4 years of age. The accoustics is incredible, thanks to a few tourists  who were brave enough to belt out a few songs to confirm the fact.


Lil Bro and hubby were particularly enthusiastic about exploring the theater and the surrounding points of interest. What I loved the most was the splendid setting for the site where cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the stunning mountains act as the backdrop.

epidavros - tree

epidavros - tree3

epidavros - poppies

epidavros - tree1

epidavros - stadium

epidavros - temple

The kids were soon bored with the ruins. Little L who took the role of jiejie (Chinese term for elder sister) rather seriously decided to teach her di-di (younger brother or in this case, a shortened term for younger cousin) about the story of Adam and Eve. Note the bored look or should I say, the look of desperation on  Little Z's face when he realised he couldn't escape the clutches of his older cousin.

epidavros - adam & eve

When I suggested a photo of the two of them, the little rascals insisted on the "prayer" pose because "it's Easter" and "Jesus died".

epidavros - pray


  1. Look at little L's breton top and hat - adorable!

  2. LOL. The hat's mine. I plopped it on her head when I realized that hers was missing.

  3. Oh, that photo of the kids in the praying position is so adorable.

  4. They are such posers, those two rascals!

  5. The praying pose of L and Z is so sweet !!
    Like L's top and your hat on her , very pretty indeed. :-)

  6. You know L, she has to pose in a certain way. Yeah, the hat....I forgot to bring hers so I had to give her mine.



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