Door Knockers

Thursday 7 April 2011
The weather here is as unpredictable as the ever fluctuating share market. Yesterday, we were huddling in our coats and boots battling through rain and blustery wind just to get our errands done. However, today it was a balmy 18 degree Celsius. I was strangely rather depressed for a number of days without any just cause. Hubby was starting to get a little concerned after seeing a moping wife shuffling about listlessly (picture me wearing a tattered tracksuit).

After speaking to a friend who's suffering from the same symptoms, we diagnosed ourselves as having seasonal affective disorder. Who needs a GP when you have the internet? <- shhh...... don't tell my pesky brother this. Just as well he doesn't read my blog.

Seeing the amazing weather today, I invited a friend of mine who's just as crazy about door knockers to explore our little medieval town. No, you didn't misread the sentence above. Yes, door knockers. I'm glad I managed to find someone who's just as delightfully unconventional (read: eccentric and wacky) as me. Call us peculiar but we've developed an odd fascination for these door knockers. They add character to an otherwise rather ordinary door. She grabbed her new Panasonic D-Lux compact camera and I decided it was the perfect time to try out my newly acquired Canon 55-250 IS lens.










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