Zadig & Voltaire VIP sale

Wednesday 23 March 2011
It's no state secret that I love Zadig et Voltaire. I don't, however, love their exorbitant price tag. While I may like their downtown edgy chic designs, the quality of their clothes are not often on par with their price which is why I tend to stock up during their VIP sales. Some of the clothes are reduced by 45-65%. Just register as a VIP customer and you'll be away laughing. Click here to be taken straight to their VIP sale. For those outside of the UK, just change the country of your residence on the drop down menu.

I've purchased a couple of things for myself and a gift for my mom from my sister in law.

Tunic Tricia Star £110 now £50
My friend, lauraloo mentioned her new craze for polka dots so I felt compelled to get one. Not that she twisted my arm but she's got amazing taste.

Dress Nosfo Bis £165.13 now £45
Now's a great time to stock up on sweater dresses at this price. I know it's cool these days to slap skulls on bags, clothes, scarves etc but seriously, they scare the crap out of me. Have I ever mentioned that a friend once dragged me to watch Scary Movie (it's so funny, M! Not scary at all. Trust ME) and I hid behind my jacket for an hour and a half.  I was NOT amused. This sweater dress has the word Imagine on the back which I thought was kinda sweet.

Oreade Cardigan £125 now £62


  1. Jealousy, thy name is Z&V blue polka dot blouse!!

  2. MWAHAHAHAHA.... Sorry, couldn't resist :P It comes without the polka dots which I thought looked rather plain.

  3. Is there anything you want from the sale?

  4. Congrats on your new buys!

    I too think many of their clothes are a bit overpriced in regards to quality and material, the sale price is definitely better. ;-)

  5. q9y8, thanks! Truth be told, I'm not sure why they price their goods so high. Their designs are lovely but not lovely enough for me to plonk £££!

  6. I have that IMAGINE sweater dress in another color from a couple season's ago. So comfy and perfect for in between seasons, even in the dead cold of winter if you layer.

  7. DA, I ordered one size up. I like it loose fitting. You know.... to hide the bulges :P

  8. LOL! Mine was also one size up for exactly the same reason.

  9. Thank goodness, I sized up on the sweaters! The package arrived today and thankfully, everything but the tunic which they'd mislabeled fit perfectly.



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