Trend Spotting: Hats in Shops

Wednesday 2 March 2011
I managed to dash into the Hermes store on Sloane St over the weekend while I was in the area to check out their hats. As usual, the selection was poor. I was pretty much left to my own devices with profuse apologies that they were short staffed. I tried on the Funk hat and I'm in love. At £290 a pop, they're not cheap and not for the faint-hearted either. However, I've managed to find a lovely alternative at Jigsaw for £39. A bargain. Yes it's not Hermes but the lambskin leather trim is equally divine and the quality is rather impressive. At £39, one will have to put up with the fact that material being paper straw but it'll keep my fair pale skin freckle free and my eyes shaded from the glare of the sun. If my eyes are not deceiving, it's identical to the trilby that Reese Witherspoon's wearing, hence the name.


Hermes Funk Hat £290 or USD $460 available at


Reese Kentucky Straw Trilby available at Jigsaw £39


  1. So cute! I usually say buy what you really want but sometimes you just have to pick your accessory battles! In this case, the Jigsaw hat is really adorable! There's that flawless Reese W. again!

  2. Exactly! I just can't justify £290 for a hat no matter how amazing it is so for now, the Jigsaw trilby will have to do.



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