Birthday parties

Friday 25 March 2011
There has been a never ending parade of birthday parties lately. A friend asked if I could help to take photos at her daughter's birthday party. Since Little L will be attending the party anyway, I readily agreed. Both the kids and adults collapsed with exhaustion after the party - for different reasons of course! Here are some images from the party.

dancing copy

The birthday girl. Her mom was so taken with Little L's pettiskirt, she went out and bought the same. Little LY hasn't stopped twirling since.

blue3 copy
This is what you get from eating blue frosting!

balloon1 copy
How do you get the balloon to stick to your hair without resorting to glue or chewing gum?


  1. Art! Such beautiful children!!

  2. That pretty blond princess looks just like a freinds daughter. Very similar!

  3. lauraloo, I agree some of these kids are gorgeous

    Kat, birthday girl aka the blond princess is absolutely beautiful. She'll be stunning when she grows up.



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