Trend Spotting: Stripes in Shops

Friday 4 February 2011
Here are some of my favorite striped t-shirts found in online stores. I'm a huge fan of Petit Bateau and Gap where one can pick up well made basics at a reasonable price. In my opinion, J Crew can do no wrong but sadly, we can only get a small selection from but for way more than what they retail in the US.

Petit Bateau Marinière Paquebot 45€ now 22€ from Monshow

Gap Scoop Neck Striped Tee £10
I tend to size up with t-shirts as I prefer a looser fit. A scoop neckline and 3/4 sleeves tend to be more flattering to all figure types.

J Crew striped boatneck Sailor Tee USD $65

St James Striped tee shirt £39.80


  1. Marlene, as usual we are on the same wavelength!if it has stripes I have to have it! Let me know if I can send you some j crew! -S

  2. S, at the rate I'm going with the stripes... my wardrobe is going to look rather skewed if I don't stop. Always love the way you dress, S. Just as well we don't have J Crew here or else I'll be shopping there everyday.

  3. Why thank you :) Anyway, I have at least TWO striped dresses that I have not worn yet (see: "Striped t-shirt dress with lace" from Charlotte Russe - usually not my kind of store but could not resist....)...and just got another striped tee from Old Navy today. I can't stop!!!!! Maybe we need a "stripe-rs anonymous" group -S :)

    yes, and the J Crew stores are dangerous.....

  4. Looks like we're both inflicted with Stripe disease! Little L's wardrobe is full of striped PJs, tops and dresses. I just bought another two Petit Bateau striped tops and a Zadig et Voltaire striped jumper. When is this going to end?



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