Trend Spotting: Stripes Challenge

Wednesday 2 February 2011
I set a challenge to myself to see how many outfits I can put together with a striped t-shirt. Since I work from home as well as being a mom, my daily ensemble has to be comfortable and relaxed. Owning a few basic capsule separates make it easy to mix and match, thereby, creating many looks without having to spend a fortune.


With the temperature hitting below 0˚C, I'm trying to cheer myself up by looking at a summery outfit. Gap striped t-shirt, Uniqlo shorts and waistcoat, K Jacques gladiator sandals and Hermes Early America scarf.


I decided that a summer dress would be perfect for layering in lieu of a sweater.
Gap striped t-shirt, Zara dress and heels.


Spring is definitely on my mind lately so here's another look for the warmer months. Gap striped t-shirt, Burberry quilted jacket, Louis Vuitton leopard stole, Uniqlo chino pants and Chanel ballet flats.


With a quick change of jacket, shoes and necklace, you'll get a different but more appropriate outfit for work. Gap striped t-shirt, Uniqlo chino pants, black lace necklace (no brand costume jewelry), Banana Republic jacket and Manolo Blahnik slingbacks.


Switch the chino pants with a pair of dark straight skinny jeans and pair it with a tweed Chanel jacket, you're ready for an evening night out or a semi casual party. Gap striped t-shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Nichii faux pearl necklace and Chanel ballet flats.


  1. LOVE all the combos! I've been looking for a Breton striped shirt and that Gap one is nice. Is it from this season and does it have a tight fit? I saw a really cool striped shirt from Comme des Garcons at Liberty's last December (50% off too) and regret not buying it. That Zara dress is also fab.

  2. Thanks, DA! That was from their previous S/S collection. I notice that the gap between the stripes are getting larger and larger each collection. These tees has a scoop neckline and 3/4 sleeves. I buy them a size larger as I prefer a looser fit.

    The Zara dress was a £10 find :P Hides A LOT when I was having a non stop eating fest in NZ and Asia.

  3. Thanks! I also prefer my tees loose, they feel much more comfortable and I also think they look better (more proportioned to one's self kwim) while worn.

  4. Yes, I totally agree. I always buy one size up with tees. More flattering too. I've been looking for a nice b/w striped tee too but the one I bought from Gap the other day is navy/white. Most have a boat neckline which doesn't work too well with me.

  5. BTW DA, you can find striped t-shirts by Petit Bateau at They're on sale at the moment.

  6. Thanks! I also saw this website that sells the original Breton striped shirts.

  7. Ahhh. I see where gets their stock. I've just placed an order for 2 more striped tees from PB but I'm going to bookmark this website so I'll know where to go to stock up.

  8. Wow, love every single outfit. Your mix&match give stripes so much characters. Like the beautiful pictures too! :-)

  9. You're always so encouraging, q9y8! As for the photos, nope (!), yours win hands down. Love the lovely editorial shots of yours.

  10. You just pushed me to the edge and I just bought a Breton shirt LOL! Inspired by your post, I also created a new blog entry on Breton shirts (and espadrilles)!



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