Afternoon Tea

Tuesday 15 February 2011
It has been so cold and wet lately, I'd much rather stay indoors. I love having friends over for a cup of tea and some home baked goodies.  When Lou decided to pop around to see my new place, I realized I'm fresh out of cookies of any sort. She's a chocolate addict and a huge fan of green tea. I've polished half a bar of Green & Black chocolate already so I decided to whip up a batch of chocolate cookies with the other half.


I've been intrigued by madeleines for a year now ever since a French friend of mine waxed lyrical about this half cake half biscuit concoction. When I was in Paris last year, I visited the famed luxury food store, Fauchon. I sampled a couple of their madeleines and nearly spat them out. The texture was as dry as sawdust. I was impressed by the attentiveness of the sales associates but disappointed with the quality of their madeleines. It wasn't till I read cupcakesandcashmere's rendition of the classic French import, I decided to give the recipe a go. They turned out beautifully. Both hubby and daughter love the madeleines which actually says a lot because neither have a sweet tooth.



Ahhhh.....the first ray of sunlight through our windows for the longest time. I decided to spoil myself with a huge bunch of chrysanthemums which makes the living room look more cheerful and cosy. Tea tastes so much better in a large Hermes cup and saucer set. Well, in my mind anyway.


  1. We could have been sisters in another life. Your idea of beauty and the simple pleasures of life so echo mine! Love the luxury of a quiet house, a cup of tea in my Hermes cup (mine is the Nil pattern) and a little home baked treat or some dark chocolate! Cheers!

  2. This is pretty incredible. We like the same type of clothes, bags, shoes and now this! Do come to London on your next trip to this part of the world. Well, I sent hubster out to buy Nil or something that's interesting and he came back with this masculine looking cup and saucer. *sigh*

  3. London or bust! We now have a direct flight to Heathrow (took so many years) so it's on our list. Shopping and tea for sure!

  4. Yay! Can't wait! Great to hear about the direct flight. Makes long haul flights almost appealing. Definitely high tea and shopping. I saw the photos of the kids. My goodness, they look so grown up! Was it that long ago when you announced you were pregnant with K? The years seem to fly by.

  5. L has spung up like a weed, too! She's so cuuuuuute!

  6. She's a little cutie now. A lot easier to handle :) For now.....



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