Maybelline Liner Express

Saturday 29 January 2011
I guess I could call myself a Liquid Liner virgin. I've never bothered with eye make up unless it's for a special occasion. I don't own a single eye liner. For the past two years, I've been on a look-out for a good liquid eye liner. My girlfriend and I went and spent the afternoon at the beauty counters in Selfridges. First up, our favorite brand - Laura Mercier. Both E and I have oil eyelids and personally, I don't fancy having to put on a lashing of primer on my eyes. E tried on the eyeliner and felt that it was a little too complicated to use. In addition, it smeared within a few minutes. Very disappointing.

Our next stop was Bobbi Brown. I was duly informed by the make up artist that I had to buy a brush as the pot of liquid liner gel doesn't come with one. Anyhow, E was persuaded to give it a go. By nightfall, the eye liner was smudged right down to her lower lid. The word Panda came to mind.

While exploring the different eye liners at Boots, I decided to purchase the Maybelline Liner Express on a whim. I was seduced by the low price of £4.19. I don't have a steady hand so after much fluffing around, I managed to get a somewhat straight line across my eyelid. However, what impressed me was the fact that 1) it dried remarkably quickly  2) no smudges whatsoever even after 12 hours which has never EVER happened to me before. I still can't draw a straight line but that's easily remedied with a wet cotton bud. Available at Boots, Superdrug and selected pharmacies.


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