Market in Miri

Thursday 13 January 2011
It's funny how these days, there's nothing I'd like to do more than having a nosy around the markets. When I was a young teen, my mom used to make me go to the wet markets with her. Half the time I was holding my nose and trying not to gag, the other was trying to spent steathily navigating through the pathways to avoid all the yucky puddles on the ground.

I managed to persuade my cousins to take me to their local market when I was in Miri. They happily stayed in the car while I set out to explore the place. Needless to say, armed with a camera and poking at the veggies like I've never seen them before, I stood out like a sore thumb. The vegetable sellers are a friendly bunch. Eager to talk and happy to impart their knowledge.

This is called pinang or otherwise known as betel nut. You wrap the nut with the betel leaf (shown in the photo below) to experience a mild stimulant effect akin to drinking a cup of coffee. I haven't tried this before but I used to see Dayak ladies at the Sunday market in Kuching chewing on these.

pinang leaves
Betel nut

strange fruit
I can't remember what this is called but the seller told me that you eat the shell.

Jambu fruit

Bamboo. You can cook delicious pulut (glutinous rice) in the bamboo. I've also tried bamboo chicken, a Dayak delicacy.


veggie seller1
Vegetable seller

Pisang Emas (Golden bananas)

My aunt owned a pineapple plantation. Every visit to her house meant gobbling down dozens of her delicious produce.


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