Celine Luggage Tote

Sunday 16 January 2011
I'm a ardent Hermes devotee. Ever since I've gotten rid of every Louis Vuitton and Chanel from my closet, I've only ever carried Hermes bags. At any rate, I'm a lazy shopper. Once I've found something I like, I tend to stick to it. Up until this point, I haven't had any cause to cheat until I had the rare opportunity to see a Celine Luggage Mini Tote up close. I walked into Browns on South Molton Lane and my eyes were immediately drawn to the lipstick red Celine Luggage tote.

Photo credit: Styledrops

The delightful SA happily let me fondle the bag. I took the chance to inspect it inside out and boy, was I impressed. The quality of the leather is almost on par with Hermes. I was completely blown away by the attention to fine details such as the leather lining, exquisite double stitching and beautiful finish. At £1150 for the mini tote, it's incredible well priced as compared to Chanel 2.55 (£2195) or a Birkin (prices start at £5030). Too bad they didn't have the colors I wanted but my bank account thanks them for the oversight. I'm still going to keep my eyes peeled for a taupe or anthracite Luggage Tote.......

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Celine


  1. Have you tried Dover Street Market? :)

  2. Never thought of that but I definitely will, now that you've mentioned it. Thanks, Scarlet!

  3. How was the weight compared to a Birkin 30cm?

  4. It was comparable to my chevre mysore Birkin 30. Definitely lighter than a clemence or togo. It's no lightweight as the lining's made of leather.



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