Hanging out with the family

Tuesday 7 December 2010
I've been spoilt rotten by my brother and sister in law while I was recovering from a cold and jetlag. The laundry got done instantaneously, ironed (something I hardly ever do) and folded neatly. SIL who's Korean immediately dashed off to make Jap Chae (a Korean dish made with potato starch noodles with thinly sliced meat and veggies) when she found out that I've been craving for it.

SIL and nephew

The two cousins, Little L and Little E stuck to each other like superglue and never left each other's side. They haven't seen each other for 2.5 years and talked non-stop for 4 days straight. Their sleep routine went out the window. I decided to take everyone out for lunch at one of my hang-outs in Ponsonby. One2One cafe has a sandpit at the back where kids can play while parents sit and chat away nearby at the shaded garden.

One2One Cafe


The cousins decided they would wear similar tu-tus and crocs for the outing. Thanks to Little L's influence, every photo of them involves the cheesy "peace" sign.


The kids immediately went to work at the sandpit leaving us adults alone to take a breather.


Since my SIL has never been to Ponsonby, I decided to introduce her to all the delightful quirky boutiques and amazing cafes that stretch from one end of the road to the other. Of course, going out for a walk with the kids meant stopping every 3 seconds to smell the roses. Literally.



And of course, we HAVE To stop by my favorite bakery/deli, Rocket Kitchen. You haven't lived until you've tried their La Dolce Vita and Chocolate Whiskey cakes. Absolutely to die for.


All in all, it was a wonderful day for both the kids and parents.


  1. Yum!! Choc Whisky cake!! I used to live on Richmond Rd, Ponsonby and it was my favourite cake!! Oh, and the rasp dark choc mousse cake and choc parisien cake from The CityCake Company were also my favourites! (Oh, can't have three favourites....) Jealous... :( Have a great holiday though and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Oh yes, the City Cake on Mt Eden! I'm salivating just thinking abt it. I used to buy a Choc Whisky cake and binge on it for days after. Ponsonby Rd is my favorite place to eat and shop. Delicious was located on Richmond Rd, right? I used to eat there quite often but the service is a bit of a hit and miss. Man, the owner was a temperamental male diva

  3. the girls are so sweet n cute:)) nz looks beautiful thru your lens. i was there long time ago n it was so dry, the hills were brown n i totally was disappointed. but hm, it looks gorgeous in your photos, and so special, so much 'character' lol, unlike the regular typical western countries.

  4. Thanks, Terri! They're really sweet together. Sleepovers are a bad idea with these 2 because they talk all night! You may have arrived during the hottest months of summer where the grass look burnt and dry. South Island, particularly Wanaka, Arrowtown and Queenstown look amazing in Autumn.

  5. such darling little girls! hope you had a wonderful Xmas and New Year's Eve- here's to 2011. x shayma

  6. Thank you, Shayma! Sorry for the late reply. I hope you've had a good break over the holiday season.



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