Enjoy Inn at Greenlane, Auckland

Tuesday 28 December 2010
My absentminded hubby decided to book a family get-together yum cha meal at Enjoy Inn, a Chinese restaurant at Greenlane, Auckland. Clearly, he'd forgotten our last meal there almost 5 years ago where I found a sharp and jagged shard of plastic in my food. We approached the manager there whom we knew fairly well from years of patronage. To our disbelief, I was accused of foul play. We paid, left and never stepped foot in the restaurant since. Until today.

We waited half an hour for someone to bring a pot of tea after 3 requests. 4 reminders and an hour later, our plate of deep fried squid arrived. By then, the children were ready to climb the walls from extreme hunger. Oh, and let's not get into the repeated requests for them to serve the yum cha dishes to which I was informed curtly to wait for someone to push the food trolley over.

The carpet was filthy and looked like it hasn't been cleaned in years. The glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf dish has gone off and stank to high heavens. I showed it to the duty manager who made a face when she took a sniff but quickly recovered and retorted that it was fine. All she said was that she'd "cancel the order" for the dish but no apology was offered. I wasn't impressed with the plate of limp looking choy sum veggie I'd ordered.

 I took a peek at the kitchen and I'm beyond disgusted by the black gunk on the walls and dirty kitchen.

The panel under the tank broke and all the pumps and pipes are exposed, not to mention filthy.

 They're selling these "fresh" fish to their customers. Imagine eating these fishes from a tank that hasn't been cleaned in years and water filled with faeces from the fishes. Imagine eating these fishes!!

Look at the blackened walls of the tank. I caught a glimpse of "something" swimming in there. The lobsters were drowning in a tank of murky yellow water whereas the fish were swimming in a tank with walls so filthy, you could barely see any living organisms in the water. Can you believe that they received an A grade for cleanliness and hygiene?!

I've learned my lesson well. Never EVER again shall I eat at this disgusting restaurant.


  1. Happy New Year! Hugs, Linda

  2. Happy New Year to you too, Linda. Thank you for following my blog. Hope you and your family are well.




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