Zadig & Voltaire

Sunday 28 November 2010
I've always loved the French version of casual. It's edgy with a hint of bohemian. The drop waist dresses are comfortable and forgiving. The style's relaxed and looks amazing when thrown together with an air of carelessness. I've visited Zadig & Voltaire outlet store at Marais but sadly, walked away empty handed because they didn't have what I wanted in my size. Their clothes aren't cheap They're rather pricey for quality comparable to Comptoir des Cotonniers. Nonetheless, I'm very tempted to purchase a number of items on their e-shop. Perhaps I should wait for the Boxing Day sale.

I'm mad for these dresses. They're just what I need at the moment. I don't care much for the skull motif plastered on most of their t-shirts and dresses. They scare me!

Dress Nosfo 195€

Dress Rem 248€. I'd pair this with a sheepskin or faux fur gilet

Dress Cora 160€. I'd wear this over a long sleeved dress and perhaps a belt to cinch the waist.

Dress Rill 235€


  1. Love, love Zadig & Voltaire. I have a couple of pieces and they're really comfortable and soft.

  2. I've got my eyes on their summer collection. I wish they're not so pricey.

  3. I also love Z&v. The designer is a Swedish girl:0), I think she lives in Versaille? There was an interesting article on her in Swedish Elle I think. Great style in her house.

  4. Kat, is she Swedish? I didn't know that! I saw a photo of her and she's a stunner. Didn't she used to be a model?

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