Gloverall Swing Duffle Coat

Monday 8 November 2010
The word Duffle coat is synonymous with the brand Gloverall. In fact, the duffle coat  with its heavyweight woolen material and toggles in the way of buttons practically define the style. It's an English institution but I knew little about its heritage.

The Duffle coat was originally manufactured in the Belgian town of Duffel which was then adopted by the British Navy and men of the watch to protect themselves against the biting cold winds. The name Gloverall was conceived by combining the words Gloves and Overall. Back in 1951, the founders, Harold and Freda Morris who sold cotton, leather, gloves and overalls purchased the surplus supplies of World War 2 duffle coats. Four years later, they started making their own versions of the duffle coat when the initial supplies ran out. These duffle coats are still made in London to this day.

In fact, I've never heard of Gloverall before until hubby mentioned it to me. My darling husband is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to classic brands. He saw a coat hanging on a mannequin at my favorite store and insisted I tried it on. I fell in love with it instantly.  It fitted me like a glove. Do excuse the pun. I love the swing coat version with a single toggle. The luxurious and tight weave woolen fabric makes it water resistant which is vital in this country and yes (!), it comes with a hood. Hubby has been buying lovely presents for me this year in the anticipation of our upcoming 10th year wedding anniversary. I'm really loving this practical gift right now. The Gloverall coat has kept me nice and warm which I'm grateful for since the temperature has dropped below 10 degree Celsius.

Photo credit: Coggles. Gloverall Swing Duffle Coat £250


  1. Gorgeous! Great present!

  2. What a sweet gift, it looks very cozy and warm. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks, Chin & q9y8! I'm loving my gift. Most practical :)



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