Ekyog, an ethical approach

Monday 15 November 2010
Last year as I was wandering down King's Road at Chelsea, I came across a store with an interesting name I've never heard of. I was in a hurry so it was a quick dash in and out without so much of a thought. It wasn't until recently when my interest was piqued again after seeing photos of my best friends wearing these simple yet beautiful dresses on her recent trip to France. I promptly hounded her for the store she'd purchased them from.

Ekyog is BIG and well known in France but unheard of outside of the country. They have an ethical approach to manufacturing and producing clothes. Their clothes are eco-friendly, chic and reasonably priced. I've been busy window shopping on their website but I'm hitting their store in London the next time I'm in town. Here are my picks.

Florine Dress 125€

Farah Dress 155€

Francesca Dress 129€

Gilet Elkar 165€


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