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Tuesday 9 November 2010
I hardly step into a H & M store unless I absolutely have to. On the rare occasion that I've managed to force myself to walk into one, it's usually a mad dash to the children's section and right out again. For a person who has the attention span of an insect and little patience when it comes to shopping, a H & M store is my idea of hell. Racks upon racks of clothes strewn in every direction in no particular order (at least not to me). My head begins to spin and the feeling of claustrophobia sets in. Things are a little more organized and easier to find at Zara. Nonetheless, the queue for the fitting room and counter can be excruciatingly long. You can imagine my relief when both companies FINALLY decided to set up online stores in the UK.

Zara Dress with Waistband £69.99

H&M Flared Dress £14.99

 Zara Dress with Elastic Waistband £35.99

I've worn my Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole to death. I try my darnest to ignore the millions of runs on the fabric from two years of heavy use. I don't think the leopard print is going out of fashion anytime soon. I'd love to be able to find a pair of leopard print ballet flats in my size (EU 34). I've been hunting for a leopard print narrow belt for quite sometime and couldn't resist this little number from Zara. At £25.99, it's not the cheapest I've seen out there but it's made out of genuine leather.

Zara Leopard print belt £25.99

While we're on the topic of leoaprd print ponyhair accessories, how this clutch?

Zara Buck Skin Clutch Bag £69.99


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