Appreciate your wife

Wednesday 3 November 2010
I love reading the analogies and wise teachings on UCB's Word for Today. I particularly enjoyed today's reading. So to all the husbands out there, take heed!

Appreciate Your Wife    03 Nov 2010
'...a good wife... is worth more than rubies.' Proverbs 31:10

Do you have any idea how hard your wife works to be a good mother? Imagine this: Six dads are dropped on a desert island with one car and three kids each for six weeks. Each child will play two sports and take music or dance lessons. There's no fast food, and every man has to correct homework, help with science projects, cook meals, do laundry, budget for groceries, pay the bills without enough money, know the birthdays of friends and relatives and send cards. In addition, he has to take each kid for haircuts and to doctor and dentist appointments, bake cakes for school functions, plant flowers, and keep his home presentable at all times.

He can only watch TV after the kids are in bed and his chores are done, and then he must have enough energy to be intimate with his spouse at a moment's notice. He should be well-groomed, go to church at least once a week, read to his kids, pray with them every night, pack their lunches and favourite snacks, fix breakfast, make sure they're dressed and on the school bus by 8.00 am.

At the end of six weeks every guy will be tested on his child's height, weight, shoe size, favourite colour, song, drink, toy, and their biggest fear. And here's the best part-the winner gets to play the game over and over again for the next eighteen to twenty-one years! So, do you still think you want to change places with your wife? The Bible says: '...go all out in your love for your wives...' (Ephesians 5:25 TM) because 'a good wife... is worth more than rubies.'

Credit: UCB Word For Today


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