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Friday 29 October 2010
I've been busy trawling through blogs and forums to get ideas on layering. Lately, I seem to throw on any available sweater and looking pretty much like a hag with way too many clothes on. I find myself wearing the same combination of separates again and again which bores me to tears. I went through my meager collection of sweaters and realize that I definitely need a few more. I've placed another order with Uniqlo which hopefully will arrive soon before the big freeze comes.

Since camel is the new black, this may work as my new neutral.

I know what I'd said about not buying more greys and blacks but I simply couldn't resist.
Well, it's not quite winter material but I'm heading back to Asia and New Zealand soon where the weather's going to be hot hot hot.

I've found a few photos of celebrities in their winter gear which I'm going to try to emulate. Since I gave up corporate work to be a mom, I've stored away all my heels and suits. Although I work from home, my daily attire tends to be casual and comfortable. These are a few looks which I love.


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