Tuesday 14 September 2010

Due to a series of miscommunication which I'm to blame, we almost didn't make it to Oxford.We were to meet our Kiwi contingent who are currently living in London. All of us made a pact to start a new life in the UK two years ago.

group photo1
The Kiwi contingent

Since we live the farthest from the rest of our Kiwi gang, we look forward to our little reunions. The first stop on the list was Christ Church College. It was revealed to me later in the day that Christ Church College was one of 39 different colleges which formed the University of Oxford.

christ church college

fountainHermes fountain. I had to take this photo because 1) the nice and firm derriere. I appreciate beauty in any form.   2) you couldn't utter the name without slotting the words Birkin or Kelly in.

christ church interior

dining hall
The pamphlet states that this was the dining hall used in the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter movies. A friend of mine who studied at Oxford disagreed because it looked nothing like the venue appeared in the movie.

harry potter staircase
Apparently, this staircase appeared briefly in the movie too.

Custodians with their bowler hats

Christ Church


bible color

Father and daughter enjoying the beautiful stained glass window

father david buxton
Our guide, Mr Buxton who was a very engaging storyteller regaled us with amazing insights into the history of the various objects at the church.

alice - chestnut tree
Mr Buxton allowed us to use the private door to take a quick peek at the garden which inspired Charles Dodgson or otherwise known as Lewis Carroll. Alice Liddell was the daughter of the dean. Dodgson was the librarian (the building behind the brick wall) as well as a mathematician there. He used to make up stories to entertain Alice which eventually was published and widely known as Alice in Wonderland.

alice - door
The Cheshire cat was Alice's cat. Since he used to stutter and found it hard to pronounce Dodgson, he called himself Dodo in the story. Alice's father, the Dean was the rabbit as he was forever late. The stairs was the rabbit hole and the green door was the garden door in the story. The door was built for her father as a shortcut to the church and he kept the key so that no one including his family was allowed to use the door except him. Dodgson's tailor who used to keep all the invoices in his head played the part of the Mad Hatter.


  1. You cleverly depict the serenity of the father- daughter picture . I love it. Good work ,Li !!! :O

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