Conversation with a 4 year old

Thursday 23 September 2010
Last week was a momentous occasion for me. It was Little L's first day of school. She was so proud that she's finally "big" enough to go to the "big children" aka Primary School. I was also looking forward to having 6 blissful hours a day to work, complete my chores and errands as well as having the opportunity to catch up with friends sans our kids.

Day 1 at pick up time. Our conversation went like this:

"So how was school today?"
"Don't know."
"Who did you play with?"
"What did you eat for lunch?"
"What's that sticker on your uniform?"
"My teacher gave it to me cos I ate some strange lookin' veggies"
"What did the veggie look like?"
"Don't know"
"What color is it?"
"Don't know"
"Did your teacher give you a packet of milk?"
"huh?" Cue confused look. "No"

Right. Very enlightening conversation......

Second day of school.

"How was school today?"
"Don't know"
"Did you enjoy yourself?"
"What did you do?"
"Like what?"
"Just everything"
"Did you sing some songs? Did you learn some letters? Read a book?"
 "I see you managed to get another sticker for eating vegetables. Well done. What did you eat for lunch?"
"Meat and veggies"
"What kind of meat?"
"Don't know"
"What kind of veggies?"
"Don't know"
"Did the teacher give a packet of milk cos everyone gets milk everyday?"
Cue the innocent look. "Huh?" "Noooooo" Face all scrunched up coupled with a perplexed expression.

Day three.
"How was school?"
"So you did anything and everything and played with everyone in school?"
"wow, you're good, mommy!"
"How come you didn't get a sticker today?"
"Oh. I don't want to get a sticker everyday."
"Why is that?"
"Because my friends won't have the chance to get one if the teacher gave them all to me"
"You mean, you didn't eat your lunch in school because you didn't like the food?"
Cue sheepish expression. "yeah"
"So how come your friend was given a packet of milk and you didn't"
Cue the same perplexed look. "no, no one gave me milk"
"Is it because the teacher gave it to you and you said no thanks?"
Cue another sheepish expression. "Um....yeah"
"Why didn't you want the milk?"
"Because it's bitter!"
"You had the same milk in your pre-school"
"But it tasted different there!"

Day four
"I've been a good girl today! I drank ALL my milk and then I peed in my underwear because I drank too much".



  1. But I'm sure she has a cute little look that gets you every time ;) -S

  2. Hah! It's more like she has some very interesting rationale to explain her naughty deeds.

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