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Thursday 2 September 2010
L still can't figure out why anyone would call a city Bath and roared with laughter each time I mentioned about going to Bath. "Such a silly name, mommy. Bath means xi zhao (mandarin for bath)?!". I tried to explain that people came here to have, well...baths. On our last trip, I took her to see the Roman Bath and her face turned as green as the color of the dirty water there. "Mommy, did people bathe in green water?"

I fell in love with Bath all over again on our second visit. The view is simply breathtaking as the train approached the town. I love the uniformed Georgian architecture and the hilly landscape reminds me of Auckland. Although we downloaded discount vouchers for the standard tourist attractions, we ended up strolling along the cobbled streets and exploring the outskirts of the city.

This time I was armed with a list of 4 top rated restaurants there. I was far more interested in 1) eating 2) seeing the countryside 3) exploring interesting shops. In that particular order. Our first stop was Yen Sushi. We hardly get good Asian restaurants of any kind in our neck of the woods and all three of us were craving for it.

The service at Yen Sushi is superb. I was told that the owner is Japanese and brought back the tea cups and plates all the way from Japan. It was the first kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant in Bath. At prices ranging from £1-£4.50 per plate, it was very reasonable and the food is far superior than Yo Sushi. Our bill for the 3 of us came up to £25 and we literally staggered out of the restaurant. We ate here 3 times over the next 2 days.

YS seaweed
Seaweed with vinegar dressing

YS softshelled crab
Soft shelled crab sushi

YS veg tempura
Vegetable tempura

YS bento
"Special" Bento

The variety of shops including specialty boutiques astounds me considering how little the city is. We chanced about this amazing bookstore - Topping & Company. It's a quaint old fashioned bookshop with every title imaginable. Free coffee, tea or squash is provided as well as comfortable tables and chairs. Even the little ones get their own wooden armchair. The 3 of us are considered bookworms and could happily spend the entire day just poring through their immense literary collection. The staff at Topping & Company really know their stuff! Steve and I were so impressed by their extensive knowledge of books.

bookstore exterior
Topping & Company Bookshop

bookstore interior
Books books books everywhere

bookstore children
L was enthralled by the variety of princess books available. I didn't hear a squeak from her for an hour!

bookstore coffee2
One of their friendly staff provided me a carafe of coffee whilst I checked out the latest cookbooks.

Everywhere I looked, I saw impressive Georgian architecture. I could so easily live here if the opportunity arises.




bath city1

To be continued............


  1. Wow ,great Jap food and my goodness !! the mountain of books is incredible . Like the photos ... Yes Bath
    is not to be missed when in UK !!!!

  2. Oh these Seaweeds!!! One of my favorite foods. ^_^

    Stunning pictures as usual. Would love to visit this beautiful place one day. Happy weekend!

  3. Bath is an amazing little city. Big enough to have variety but small enough without feeling overwhelmed.



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