Sports Day

Thursday 19 August 2010
It was that time of the year again. The end of school term right before the summer holiday begins. It's what most parents dread with the exception of moi. I'm ashamed (only just) to say that L and I love lolling on the bed to catch extra winks. Now, if I'm a supermom and wife, I would jump out of bed with a cheerful grin and break into a song before proceeding to make a full English breakfast for my darling hubby before he goes off to work and whip up another for our little mini me.

Now wouldn't that be further from the truth. Stepford wife material, I am not. Most of the time, I'm worse than a grouchy bear in the morning and used to part the office like the Red Sea when I walked in. Colleagues dived for cover and would only inch closer to my desk at 11am and no earlier.

Oops. Sorry for being sidetracked. L1 and L2 as I call the two best friends had their last Sports Day at the pre-school. Unlike last year, they were a little older and understood what to do.

best friends copy
Oh Lordy, this is soooo boring. I think I'll take a nap. *Yawn* I'd much rather play dress up. One can never over-accessorize. If in doubt, ply on more jewelry.

L: Did I say I was bored? This is taking forever.

my pants
Ooops, my pants!!. I hope no one saw my knickers.

run L run1
Okay, mom, stop screaming. Can't you see I'm running?!

run L run2
You know I'm only 4, right? I'm not exactly training for the Olympics.


  1. Smart kid! Seriously, brains before brawn... always. I can't think of anything gratuitous exercise has ever accomplished in my life.

  2. LOL. You were the only one who wasn't into sports. Man, my kid is vain. I wouldn't mind for her to learn some self defence.



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