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Sunday 22 August 2010
Wow, I'm beyond thrilled that a photo of mine was chosen to be on Pioneer Woman's Love assignment's Group 5. I didn't get into the finals but wow (sorry for the double, ok, triple wow) there were well over 100,000 photos submitted for the competition. Her blog Pioneer Woman  is hugely successful. Yes, well over 10 MILLION page views per month! I'm honored to have my photo selected amongst so many talented photographers. It's a shot I took of my mom and her 4 sisters during a rare occasion when we were in the same country at the same time so it's extra special to me. A happy moment captured forever.



  1. Whoa, look at all that teeth! Like an ad for Colgate! :-) I really like this photo, - they look so carefree and happy.

  2. It WAS a happy moment but it took a great deal of effort just to get them together. I hustled, harassed and threatened but we got there eventually.

  3. thats an awesome shot! one of those photos that make u smile and feel all warm and tingly inside :) well done!

    and yes i DO know chicago school of music.. i used to learn to play the drums/classical guitar there! just for a few months tho, but omg, small world!

  4. Thanks, Alysha!

    It is such a small world! You'd probably learned drums from Buong Hoo, my cousin's hubby. Goodness, with Sarawakians, it's 2, not 6 degree of separation! I was on a flight to Miri with L slowly going crazy with exhaustion and the lady who sat beside me offered to help. It turned out that she's a close friend of my cousin's.

  5. The result is testimony of your photographic passion!!
    Remember my cousin(Sibu),an ardent photographer commented very highly on this particular photo and I remember him graciously encouraging you to enter this photo for competition . You managed to capture the essence of togetherness encompassing happiness ,joy,love and family . :D
    We all treasure it !!! TQ Love Mi



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