In search of a perfect pair of jeans

Monday 30 August 2010
With so many brands specializing in denim these days, it shouldn't be that challenging to find the right fit for me. I've tried 7 for all Mankind, James Jeans, Earl, Paper Denim, Notify and the list continues. What looked amazing on me pre-pregnancy just didn't look right now. My hips weren't where they used to be. They'd moved. Upwards. My blob, um, stomach now gravitates towards the floor. I completely understand why some women choose to have tummy tucks. Low-rise jeans are NOT an option for me these days.

I'm petite, sort of slim but certainly not curvaceous (bummer). Skinny jeans make my legs looked like a couple of stuffed sausages. I found +J for Uniqlo straight skinny jeans to be perfect for me and I've worn it to death. I wanted something with a little more stretch so the hunt began again.

I've worn James Jeans for years but whilst their Hunter Addiction style looked perfect from thigh downwards, it was only marginally comfortable from waistline upwards. I chanced upon this pair from James Jeans Hunter Idol on Outnet.

Dark wash? (anything to slimline my legs). Tick. High waistline without being constricting? Tick. Straight skinny cut? Tick. At least 2% stretch? Tick. Discounted? Tick. It fits like a dream and at £62, it's a bargain compared to the astronomical prices retailers here charge for American designer jeans.

I've found an equivalent to Spanx - Yummie Tummie. I bought the nude tank top on eBay US for 1/3 of the retail price here. That should hold my tummy in nicely.


  1. Same problem for me too !!!

  2. That's sounds like my dream jeans as well!

  3. I read in Daily Mail today that most women dread jeans shopping. It took me a long time to find something suitable.

    Mi, I didn't realize you've been looking for a pair of jeans.

  4. Vivian, these James Jeans are incredibly comfy and very soft. I can actually tuck them into my boots so they're perfect for winter. Give them a try.

  5. Sorry that I couldn't give you any constructive suggestions, I am a skirt/dress girl. Maybe the best way is to keep trying until you find the right one/brand and then stick to it?



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