I miss my grandma and grandpa

Wednesday 7 July 2010
The other day, little L was feeling rather down after seeing her best friend's grandma who'd come for a visit. She mentioned that she missed her grandpa and grandma lots and can we fly home now. Unfortunately, New Zealand is literally half a world away from the UK. This involves catching 2 long haul flights averaging 13 hours each excluding the stopover. So I got her to draw her grandparents instead which seemed to appease L somewhat. She just turned 4 recently so I thought this is pretty good effort for someone her age.

drawing by L copy
Granddad, L and grandma (my mom really does have a mid-length bob)

drawing2 by L
Grandma and L in a princess costume (she's actually in a princess outfit every single day)


  1. Quite a detailed "masterpiece" for a 4 year old !!!
    Of course grandma can be biased ....we are very touched indeed . :D We can have a peep at *US* every now and again .Very sweet of lil' L .
    Li, my previous comments encounter problems.
    Thanks heaps !! definetly put to max usage :)
    Btw, any need to add on a protective sole ??
    Hope it get thro' time !!!

  2. I think you'll need protective soles on the Bloch. I've shipped them today so hopefully, should get them next week.

  3. Wow, that's very good. L has the grandparents eating out of her hands, smart kid!
    Well, maybe meet in Kuching again? That's what Di wants to do.

  4. I was pretty impressed too. Di wants to meet up in Kuching?? When?



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