Hermes Scarves

Monday 19 July 2010
I'm a huge fan of Hermes. I have remained a loyal customer ever since I've switched to the orange side many years ago. Despite rarely wearing silk scarves, I love collecting ones depicting Oriental motif.  I haven't paid much attention to the latest Fall/Winter scarf collection until recently. However, I was delighted to discover that they'd released 3 Oriental designs, one of which, Sichuan is a re-issue from 1995.

Picture 4
Sichuan. How apt as the Panda Base is located in Chengdu, Sichuan. It was on my To See list but due to time constraint, we never made it there.

Picture 7
Rhythm of China by Chinese artist, Ding Yi. The design is so busy that I literally have a headache just looking at it.

However, Cent Plis des Miao has a special place in my heart as I'd spent a month exploring the different Miao villages in Guizhou during my adventurous younger days. I love collecting unusual souvenirs from every country I'd visited. Before I left a Long Horned Miao village in Songga, I took pity on a family who was desperately poor and tried to flog their daughter's old traditional costume on me. I was told it'd taken them well over 5 years to make. More about this in a previous post.

Each Miao (or sometimes known as Hmong) group has their own language, custom, costume and dialect. Nonetheless, a common characteristic they share in their traditional costume is the long pleated skirt.

Picture 3
Cent Plis des Miao

Picture 5

Long Horned Miao
The pleated skirt of the Long Horned Miao

Xijiang-Flower Miao2
And a slightly different patterned skirt from the Flower Miao


  1. Thank you for blogging about these scarves! As you might know, I've chosen the Cent Plis des Miao among the three too. ;)

    BTW, the last picture of the Miao girl is so gorgeous. I love the contrast of colors in her costume and these silver accessories are simply stunning!

  2. I was influenced by you actually. The colors on the Cent Plis des Miao just work so well together.

    She was our host's niece. I asked him if I could photograph in their traditional costume and she turned up in this. I was told that the jewelry was passed from mother to daughter and her mother handmade the top and skirt for her. Amazing, huh?

    Which part of Guizhou did you spend most of your time in?

  3. Ooh, loving the scarf!

  4. I found your blog very recently (through tPF) and I have now bookmarked it! Among the three scarves, Cent Plis des Miao is my favourite!

    Linda ("kashmira")

  5. I guess that's because we do have a lot in common, hehe. :) BTW, is this the CW you got?

    I once lived in a city in Mid-West but moved to the capital city of Guizhou later. I have to confess that I haven't paid more attention to the traditional costume of Miao while I was there. I was too little at the time... Now I just want a real Miao skirt so badly.:-(

  6. Hi Linda!

    Good to see you here! Thank you for checking out my blog :) I haven't had the chance to get to an H store yet but I can't wait to do so later this week.

  7. q9y8, I wanted to get more costumes back but it wasn't easy to find ones that are in good condition. The genuine stuff aren't on sale at the markets but in the homes. The Chinese officials governing these villages control the movements of any tourists too.

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