Hat Fair

Monday 5 July 2010
If you're not from the UK, you're probably wondering what on earth is a Hat Fair. So did I. Last year, I asked an English friend of mine if there was some sort of a hat trade show after seeing a huge banner in the middle of the main street. The look on her face was comical to say the least. Obviously her clueless friend (moi) knew nothing about anything. Apparently decades ago, buskers wore hats which were passed around to collect money after each performance. Hence the name, Hat Fair.

In fact, this is Britain's longest running Festival of Street Theater and Outdoor Arts. There was a performance at every corner of the ancient city. I find it a little disconcerting that people lean against the tombstones or have picnic or sunbathe at the cemetery grounds. It was crowded and everyone came out of their dens to enjoy the sun and lively performances.

drag queen
A drag queen who towered over everyone. I'm amazed that he, I mean she managed to find heels in her size.

The Vagabond
The Vagabonds


They were pretty good and drew a big crowd.

puppet show caravan
Puppet Theater Caravan


Decorations. Winged teddy bear anyone?

bowler hat


ice cream
Ice cream is a necessity on such a hot day

red indian headgear
In case, you're wondering what to do with this contraption.....

red indian
If your workplace is rather stifling and somber, try wearing this to get a reaction. Just kidding.

Not another deep fried spring roll and sweet & sour pork. Chinese cart selling fake Chinese cuisine.


  1. Never been to a Busker event in Christchurch !!

  2. Might be worth it to check it out, Mi. Will post your bags and shoes tomorrow. Bought you a pair of Bloch ballet flats (very comfy) with cushioned and flannel inner soles so should keep your feet nice and warm.



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