Courgette Flowers

Tuesday 13 July 2010
Yes, I'm still obsessed with courgette flowers. I scoured the supermarkets and farmers' market for them for months. In my last post, I requested one particular farm employee if she could bring some courgette flowers when she's next in town. I wasn't leaving it to chance so I gave a call on Friday to remind her.

courgette flowers

Voila! When I turned up on Sunday, she'd remembered. She'd actually picked the flowers earlier in the day and stored them in an airy polystyrene box. I sucked it up and paid £1 per flower. That's how desperate I am. I found a recipe on BBC which looked promising. The flowers were stuffed with strips of fresh mozzarella and anchovies and then dipped in egg and dusted with flour. Not bad at all. *burp* I think I've satisfied my craving - for now.

courgette flowers2

Since my carnivorous hubby will never survive a meal without meat, roast chicken was the easiest option as it requires the least amount of work. A glug of white wine and extra virgin olive oil with a few shakes of smoked paprika, oregano, salt and pepper. I squeezed an entire lemon onto the chicken and added enough garlic to repel a gaggle of vampires.

roast chicken1


  1. you ate without me! £1 per flower?! grow your own! i bought some seeds to grow back home. n your real n beautiful.

  2. I was too desperate! I'm hoping to move to a place with a little more space so I can grow some herbs etc.

  3. Must try courgette flowers sometime !!! Looks yummy.

  4. Will make a batch for you when you get here, Mi.

  5. The roast chicken looks so yummy, maybe I have to give a try coz I have a carnivorous hubby at home too. lol~~~

  6. It was actually a Jamie Oliver's (my 4 year old's idol) recipe which I've modified a little. Yes, if meat's not presented at dinner time, he's off to KFC to get his fix.



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