Bath, Somerset Part 2

Tuesday 27 July 2010
We wandered through streets admiring the imposing Georgian architecture. Given that most houses are particularly small in my pocket of South of England, I'm envious of those who live in these spatial villas.



Bath was packed to the gills during the day with tourists from the European and Asian continent. I decided to give the Roman Baths a miss till later in the day when the crowd has abated somewhat. Since L always (and I do mean ALWAYS) gets hungry at 12 noon on the dot, we frantically searched for a cafe. We found a cafe which offered free range and organic sandwiches and cakes near Bath Abbey.

Steve wasn't impressed with his smoked salmon panini, the vegetarian Fritata was surprisingly moist. The salad, on the other hand consisted of wilted spinach leaves and ghastly raw grated beetroot. A vinaigrette would've made it slightly more palatable but we weren't offered any.

belgian brownie
The Belgian brownie was rather bland. The chocolate brownie I made from a recipe I got from BBC Good Foods won hands down. However, I have to add that the service is top notch.

I adore the glass chandelier dangling from the ceiling.

pulteney bridge1
The striking Pulteney bridge which crosses the Avon River was completed in 1773. It is not dissimilar to Ponte Vecchio which would've influenced Pulteney.

One of the shops which can be found on the bridge sells dollhouses and miniature accessories. I couldn't stop myself from gaping and peering through the glass display window.

Check out the attention to detail especially the ornate design on the chair and table set.


How amazing are these rocking horses?

I absolutely adore these life-like dolls displayed in an interior design shop.

cheese gourmand
We stopped by Cheese Gourmand for a spot of tea and a light meal. I tried their courgette soup which was rather delicious. Meanwhile, L had her miniature ice-cream which was enough to satiate her sweet craving. They have an impressive array of cured meats and cheeses which I'm planning to try on our next trip back to Bath.

mini icecream

roman bath3
We decided to re-trace our way back to the Roman Baths. Thankfully, the town was almost emptied out of tourists and the baths were a breeze to navigate.

near pump room
On our way to the main entrance of Roman Baths

near bath abbey2
Bath Abbey in the background



bath abbey3
Bath Abbey

roman bath2

roman bath5

And of course, no tourist attraction site is complete without a few buskers


  1. Whoa, that water is really green.

  2. It looks beautiful!

    Cheers, Linda

  3. It really is, Linda. I can imagine living there.

  4. Chin, there were signboards everywhere telling people not to touch the yucky water.

  5. What a beautiful journey! You really took wonderful pictures.

    P.S. L is such an adorable princess. ;-)

  6. Thank you, q9y8! I still wish I have the time to take sunrise/sunset photos but nearly impossible with a 4 year old in tow, no matter how well behaved she is.

    She draws herself as a princess everyday :)



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