Aux Fils des Saisons, Paris

Thursday 29 July 2010
I hopped over to Paris on a quick overnight visit to meet up with a friend I haven't seen in years. Since we both live on opposite ends of the world, a get together is a near impossible feat to organize. It was a delightful reunion which we crammed in a spot of shopping, feasting and catching up.

S introduced me to the world of jewelry. Seven years ago, she dragged me on a whirlwind educational tour around the different jewelry stores in Hong Kong. Let's just say that I've developed a rather expensive taste in diamonds and Van Cleef & Arpels since. I've yet to invest in the latter but one day.......

I've read about Aux Fils des Saisons on Chocolate & Zucchini and after hearing more about it from my sister, I was determined to make my way there. I was relieved when S offered to book the restaurant for me. I've practised my Berlitz Learn French in One Day on a few hapless locals and was told very diplomatically that they can converse extremely well in English, thank you very much. Oops.

We found out that the restaurant has been under new management for approximately a month. The new owner whose name I've completely forgotten could not be more friendly and patient with this group of tourists who barely managed to piece a sentence in French.

aux fils7

For starters, I had foie gras. It was creamy and oh so tasty. I scarfed down the whole lot and would have asked for seconds if I didn't have the main dish coming.

aux fils

S had tomatoes layered with soft cheese.

aux fils2

E had the honeydew melon with Iberian prosciutto

aux fils3

I couldn't believe the size of my meal when the mains arrived. However, the sea bass was fresh fresh FRESH. It was delicately flavored with buttered rice. The owner told me that he goes to the market early in the morning and buys 3-4 kgs of fish each day, most of which were caught the night before or on the same day. Although it would've kept his overhead a little lower if he freezes the fish but he is determined to use only fresh seasonal ingredients.

aux fils4

My dessert was pineapple with cream and nougat. Delicious but I was seriously stuffed beyond words.

aux fils5

The food and service were exceptional. I won't hesitate to eat at Aux Fils des Saisons again. Here's the contact details:

6 rue des Fontaines du Temple
75003 Paris
01 42 74 16 60
M° Temple ou Arts-et-M├ętier

I can't resist taking photos of the window display at Laduree at their Madeleine tearoom. I didn't stop to have a quick bite as I was hurrying to complete my errands. Longchamp les Pliages for mommy dearest and Repetto flats for me. Check.



Since I'm such a foodie, I just HAVE to step into Fauchon. I bought a jar of goose foie gras and pork terrine. The first was scrumptious and the second, bleh. It smelt and tasted like dog food (yes, I've tried my old dog's canned food). On the other hand, their dessert are like work of art.




  1. oh u went to fauchon. i passed by but really didn't have the time. it's about the size of fortnum & mason n it's the best fine food store in paris i hear?

  2. I was impressed with the foie gras and huge selection of tea. The madeleine was dry. I wished I had the time to try their dessert too. I've yet to go to Fortnum & Mason though.

  3. Ah...I thought the name was familiar. That was one of my best meals in Paris, and so cheap for the quality! I had my best creme brulee there, and it's ruined me for life. Yumm... foie gras.. how I miss France...

  4. The new owner is just as passionate about food. Teeny tiny place but the food and service were seriously exceptional.

  5. It looks delicious!!!!! I used to have a favorite restaurant in Paris with food (and price level) similar to this one but unfortunately it closed down. Next time I visit Paris I'll for sure remember to visit this restaurant! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Cheers, Linda

  6. You won't regret it, Linda :) The owner is a sweetheart.

  7. What a fantastic trip! I am mouth watering...;-) gorgeous foods and pictures as well!

  8. Ah, the food. Don't get me started on it. I'll have to go back to Pierre Herme next time.



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