Thank you!

Tuesday 15 June 2010
This blog was created a mere 4 months ago as a way of communicating with my family and friends. As far as I know only my mom, sister, aunts in Taiwan and a few friends pop in to see what I've been up to on the other side of the world. I'm thrilled and touched to discover that I have readers as far as Spain, Lebanon, the US, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Luxembourg, India etc. So thank you to all of you who visit my blog.


  1. Thank you Li for sharing with us your life in UK ...your passion in L ,photogaphy , fashion, business ,food ,travels ,people (good friends), family etc.... A picture speaks a thousand words. great photos everytime !!! My daily delight :D

  2. Thanks, Mi. You're my biggest supporter. Thank you for the daily encouragement. Love you lots

  3. Absolutely love your pictures and the way you write. I'm such a fan, and check back so often for an update from you.

  4. Heather, thank you so much for the thoughtful and gracious comment! I'm just thrilled that there are people other than my family and friends actually took the time to visit my blog.



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